I’m currently watching two sagueks, Warrior Baek Dong Soo (WBDS) and The Princess’ Man (TPM). Which one do you think is better?

(Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Mon-Tue)

(The Princess’ Man, Wed-Thu)

Honestly, before both episodes started airing, I was having high expectations for WBDS because it sounded really good, and I was a huge fan of Yoo Seung Ho.  Not to say that I wasn’t looking forward to TPM. I also looked forward to TPM, being huge fan of Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won. I just thought that TPM would be a melodrama-kind and maybe not as good as a saguek.

Anyway, time proves me wrong.


WBDS was really good, at first. However, I’m having mixed feelings right now. It started out really good, and the characters were well created. I was hugely disappointed though by the recent episodes where the plots seem so unfocused and messy. The characters started to fade off as well, when it is supposed to be growing.

From what I understood it is suppose to center around Baek Dong Soo who is supporting the crown price from assassins. The drama did included that plot, but I was hugely distracted by the on-going subplots (about the ginseng, the book, the birth secrets, etc). Where was the drama? Where were the conflicts?

I was attracted to Yeo Un’s character because he was dark, quiet and powerful. I was expecting the same, or at least a stronger/ darker him, but they seem to only focus on Baek Dong Soo and neglected Yeo Un’s character. I wanted to see him as a powerful and dark assassin, just like the sky lord.

It was sad that the plot seem to be confusing or rather unfocused. Honestly, I hated BDS’s character growth. It was a little unrealistic and too drastic a change.

Overall, the drama disappointed me a lot, and I wish they would re-focus on the coming episodes, given the extension.


TPM has been good when it started, and now it’s awesome. It’s going on strong, and I’m very pleased and surprised that the plot remains focused and centered around the main characters and it’s main plot. There are no distractions at all. The characters grew a lot and I honestly like every single character in the drama, including the villian, Su Yang.

It’s natural for a drama to include sub-plots or little plots, but for a drama to keep focusing on the same main plot and still manage to make it very interesting, this is awesome. I really enjoy every single episode and it keeps me on the edge, wanting more every week.

Overall, the drama was better than I had hoped for, and it’s really wonderfully written and such a beautiful saguek.

Which is better?

Well, isn’t it obvious that I like TPM better? HAHA. WBDS has it’s own strong points though, and it’s still watchable. I haven’t watched Gye Baek yet, and I’m still considering whether to watch it or not.

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