Okay, so last Sunday was the first episode of Taiwan Drama, In Time With You starring Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin. I wanted to watch this since I’m a big fan of Ariel Lin and this drama is probably the last one I’ll see her in since she’ll be leaving the scene for quite sometime.



Okay, I think it was a very nicely done first episode. One thing I find it hard to accept in Taiwan Dramas is that they have too much of exaggerated scenes of comedy and expression (especially Idol Dramas). So I was happy that this first episode didn’t have that.

I think it’s nice that the first episode nicely put all the pieces together, how they became friends and how their relationship was since they were young.

So it was not all that “i will never like you” kind of thing. Looks like our male actor has liked her all along since they were in school just that she never thought of it.

There isn’t much to say about it yet, but I’ll looking forward to the rest of the episodes  ^ ^

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