Ojakgyo Brothers (Thoughts & Impression)

(Ojakgyo Brothers, Sat-Sun)

So earlier, I did a quick rough summary on the past 14 episodes of weekend drama, Ojakgyo Brothers, starring UEE and Joo Won.

This post is just to rant my views, thoughts and impression on the drama itself.

So far, I find the drama very nice to watch. It’s interesting and I think it’s pretty good as a family-themed weekend drama.


I find most of the characters very likable and all interesting in their own way.

UEE has improved a lot in her acting and I think she totally won me over in this drama. Joo Won is also very charming in this drama. He didn’t really attarcted me in Baker King Kim Tak Goo. (note: I didn’t even realised he was the one in BK Kim Tak Goo until I saw his name on the cast list).

I like the character Baek Ja Eun, someone who is pampered since birth and spoilt, but also hides her true feelings at times. She isn’t exactly the spoilt brat who refuse to listen. She’s quite responsible actually.

The character Joo Won is also interesting. He doesn’t really mix around with people that much, and seems pretty much a nice guy to his parents and grandmother. He has a kind heart, but sometimes very harsh with his words and actions.

Overall, the characters are all very nice to watch, even the supporting characters. (I can totally talk about all of the characters all day, but i shall not to keep the post as short as possible. HAHA.)


Overall, I love this weekend drama and I barely can wait for each episode to air. Just like other fans who watch this drama, I really want more Joo Won & UEE scenes. Their scenes are really very limited and I guess it’s one of the ways to keep on people interested in watching. HAHAHA~~~




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