So have you guys watched Friday’s drama, The Musical?

Rough idea about what The Musical is about:

The Musical is a drama about people who are involved in the musical industry. There is someone who hopes to become a musical actor, Go Eun Bi, who has failed many auditions and is currently a medical student. There is also a producer who has stopped doing musical, but returned to the muscial scene due to Go Eun Bi. The other two characters are a top musical actress, and also an investor. 


3 episodes have aired, and today will be the fourth episode. So far, I think it’s a nice drama, and a very refreshing one. It is something that ‘You’ve Fallen For Me’ should have been but didn’t manage to. There are many dramas which holds a musical theme (You’re Beautiful, Dream High, You’ve Fallen for Me, Beethoven Virus) , and I think The Musical may actually set out to be the best among them or one of the best, if there are no disappointments later. I do think Beethoven Virus was a great drama actually and is currently the best one so far.

I like the light tone so far and there isn’t too much angst. One thing I like best is the music. The Musical has great music in it, be it the soundtrack or the musical pieces they are actually singing. VERY NICE!

One downturn? The supporting actor. I’ve seen Park Ki Woong in Story of A Man, and he was great in there. However, I think that his role could be buffed up more. I don’t like his look because it’s that same look he has in Night after Night and Love Marriage, in which both his roles was not very manly and more towards the nerdy type.

Overall, I think it will be a great drama if it keeps going on the way it is right now. I like the characters and I like the music and I like the show.


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