Poseidon Episode 2 Recap/Summary (short)

So I watched Poseidon episode 2 earlier and I’ll do a brief recap or rather summary on what the episode was about and then I’ll blog down my views about the 2nd episode and my decision whether to pick up the drama officially or not. 

Episode One ended at how Choi Si Won was in trouble after the “villain” at the jail revealed that CSW was doing some shady business. Well, let’s skip all of that and go straight what the episode was about. 

Basically, this episode is just full of people chasing people and people fighting people. First we have CSW looking for someone and in a hideout, he then got caught. His ‘friend’ Yuhno somehow had an idea about what CSW is doing and find the same person. 

Bad person than tried to kill CSW but Yuhno came in time to save him, but he got shot by a bullet by bad person. Police soon arrive and catch bad person. Yuhno survives in hospital. 

*Just that whole plot took about more than half of the whole episode!

One of my guess was right which is Yuhno & Choi Si Won are friends until the unpleasant incident. 

Besides that action, we have some other scenes like Lee Soo Young seaching CSW’s computer, and also how CSW ended up living in an empty spare room LSY mother has at the restaurant. 

Also, ending the episode was the bad person who was caught, injured everyone in his cell and also himself. He was driven to the hospital but probably escaped. Yuhno disappears from the hospital as well. 



The second episode was similar to the first episode. The plot development was slow and the action scenes are mediocre. Honestly, I really couldn’t get pass Yuhno’s action scenes…I hope they stop focusing on his face during action scenes. It seems like a music video, without the acting.

We have the team finally assembling, and the relationships all ‘written’ out already so what’s left is just for them to catch the bad guys, i guess. I’m totally not yet into the chase-the-villains drama yet because it seems so sudden and I’m not sure how long they’ll keep playing the mouse and cat game. I just hope they won’t do what ‘Sign’ did which was to put off the main crime till the last few episodes.

I’m sure they’ll wrap up the crimes and a new crime will come out right? Because I’m bored already….

Will I continue watching this?

Hmmmmmm….maybe, if the subs come out a little faster. I watched both episodes without the subs so far, so it’s a little hard to get what they’re saying exactly, but I get the gist of it. If the subs come out faster, I might continue watching it until I can no longer support the drama. HAHA~~~

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2 thoughts on “Poseidon Episode 2 Recap/Summary (short)

  1. Hi. I watched the 1st and 2nd episode too and I didn’t really understand the part where how Siwon was wanted by the police, and then all of a sudden, he was no longer wanted. Was that like a whole made up plot to try to find the bad guy? or did Yunho cover for Siwon?

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