I’ve always enjoyed watching Mainland dramas or maybe I would rather say historical dramas. They usually have more depth than normal dramas and are really pretty to watch. So after such a long time, I’m finally watching a Mainland drama. The last Mainland drama I watched was… hmmmm… I don’t even remember.

Bu Bu Jing Xin started off with a very light tone and it quickly sucked me in the story. It was refreshing and interesting. I’ve watched the first two episodes, and there is really nothing to hate so far. Everything is perfect so far.

I like how the characters are being played out or maybe I would say ‘created’. They all are given enough scenes to flesh out and the characters are not just there for the sake of being there. It’s as if the characters are all alive.

I’ve heard that the story is tragic and I can’t wait to see the story unfold because I think it’s going to be a really pretty piece of work.

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