Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 3 Highlights

I’m too lazy to do a detailed recap with screencaps, thus I’m only going to do brief recap or rather just highlights/main point of the episode.

13th prince arrived and the princes start the celebration. Rouxi brings 10th prince to another place where she had personally folded 1000 paper cranes for him.

While trying to leave, she bumps into Mingyu and they begin fighting. The crown prince gave Rouxi a nickname, “13th sister of 13th prince, the death-seeking prince”.

Rouxi’s sister is angry with her and the 8th prince punishes her by making her stand for hours.

The Emperor is holding an event in the palace and Rouxi is ordered to go as well. In the palace, she brushes against death as the Emperor questions her. Though she managed to pass the hurdle, knowing that she was so close to death scares her and she sits quietly at the dinner.

The Empress tells the Emperor that it’s about time 10th prince gets married and suggests Mingyu. 10th prince is clearly unwilling and tries to object, however, has no excuses and is forced to accept the decision.

Rouxi looks on and has mixed feelings. (How can a prince, someone who has such high status, lose the most important thing – freedom?) Upon reaching the manor, she runs inside, knocking the servants. 8th prince runs after her and knocks her out. He tells Roulan that Rouxi would be alright and leaves.

Rouxi wakes up and thinks about what had happened. Why is it that people in the past have to accept their fates? She has lived in the modern world for 25 years, thinking that destiny is something created by oneself and mentions that she will never accept destiny like they do.

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