Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 4 Highlights

Rouxi is still upset. 8th & 14th prince sees her and asks if she really like 10th prince. She mentions that she does like him as he’s sincere and innocent, but not in the way they think.

They ask why she is so depressed then as rumours are saying that she had gone crazy with depression over the marriage. She answers that she is upset, not by the marriage, but by the fact that the marriage was a forced one by someone to someone else. 8th prince is angry and warns Rouxi not to say such words again.

It’s snowing. Rouxi goes out for a walk and the 8th prince joins her, silently. She trips and he supports her. Back at his residence, she sits across from him thinking that such a charismatic man will be hated by his father and imprison for life till death.

14th prince asks Rouxi to cheer 10th prince up as he has been depressed. Rouxi goes over and has a heart to heart talk with the 10th prince. He asks if she is willing to be his 2nd wife. She rejects. He is upset but expected it anyway. He asked if she had liked him before and if that he’s stupid like what people say.

She says that he is stupid, but that’s the reason why she liked him. He wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t two-faced like others. He felt better.

Outside 10th prince new residence, Rouxi bumps into 4th prince. He asked if she really liked 10th prince, as he thinks that for a person like Rouxi, she will never like the 10th prince, but as people are saying she’s crazy with depression, he isn’t sure either. She doesn’t give a direct answer and plays with idioms instead.

13th prince is drinking outside and saw Rouxi. He asks her to hang out with him, and they go off on a horse. Rouxi thinks that 13th prince likes Mingyu thus is depressed and torturing her. They begin drinking and Rouxi gets drunk. She mentions to 13th prince that she’s from the future and falls asleep. He sends her back.

The Crown Prince is holding an event. Rouxi wants to go but her sister is unwilling. Rouxi senses that her sister doesn’t like horseback riding and tries to fish for information from her maid. It turns out that her sister dislikes it as it would remind her of a general.


Interesting! While the previous episode beautifully unfold Rouxi’s thoughts towards her current situation or rather about how the people in the past lived and how different it is from the present, this episode brought up many question marks.

Rouxi is conscious of being around the 8th prince because he’s such a gentleman and she’s naturally attracted but isn’t sure if she really likes him or not. As she is aware of his future, she is also constantly confused.

I also wondered what 13th prince was upset about. Was it really Mingyu? Did he have the same thoughts as Rouxi? He’s an interesting character and I can’t wait to know what he really think of Rouxi and her drunken behaviour! 

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