Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 5 Highlights

Mingyu gains praises for her horseback riding skills. She challenges Rouxi but her sister comes out instead. 8th prince looks on, surprised. Everyone praises Chifujin for her skills. Rouxi could tell that both her sister and the 8th prince are feeling sad despite the smiles.

8th prince tries to talk to Roulan and asks her to forgive him. She reacts coldly.

Mingyu and 13th prince clear up their misunderstanding (one-sided love is not true) and goes drinking with 13th prince good friend. The three of them quickly became good friends.

8th prince calls Rouxi over after the drinking incident. Rouxi is nervous, but 8th prince holds her hand and gives her a bracelet. Roulan thinks that 13th prince gave it to her.

The maiden selections are nearing and everyone is worried about Rouxi. 8th prince decides to welcome the New Year at Roulan’s residence. Rouxi is tired and hurries to sleep after the fireworks goes off until she remembers her real parents. She cries as she takes a walk and 8th prince caught her crying.

 People are celebrating New Year and her maid is telling Rouxi to cheer up.


Question marks from the previous episodes are cleared! Turns out that Roulan is angry with 8th prince as he was an indirect cause of her being married to him, and the fact that her general-lover died in battle. She also lost her baby.

8th prince is interesting. At the horseback riding, he back hugs Roulan and I wondered if he really liked her or he just can’t stand people treating him coldly. It’s obvious that he’s starting to develop feelings for Rouxi, as he gave her a bracelet and looked troubled about the maiden selection.




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