Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 6 – 9 Discussion

I will no longer do recaps for the drama as there’s plenty of good recaps online already. However, I will do a discussion post just to note down my own views and thoughts about the drama.

Episode 6

So, episode 6 was all about the pacing. I was afraid that they would take up more than one episode to show Rouxi becoming a palace maid and the politics in the palace. However, it was done perfectly and the writer skipped all the politics, making it just right. It’s a perfect balance between a romantic drama and tragic one, with the just right amount of politics.

I felt nervous at some points, and laughed my head off at the ending where Rouxi continuously asked 4th prince questions.

This episode was yet another beautiful episode!

Episode 7

This episode was rather low key and introduced new characters inside the story. It also displayed the 4th prince growing affection for Rouxi.

It’s interesting how Rouxi treats all the princes equally, besides 4th prince. She is wary of him and keeps him at a distance as she’s afraid that she’ll get on his bad side.

Episode 8

This episode was the beginning of the tragedy. Rouxi realises that her actions towards 4th prince is mistaken by everyone else as something else.

It’s obvious that the princes are all preparing for the ultimate battle for the throne, though the time has yet to come.

From this episode, I see a new side of the 8th and the 4th prince. 8th prince might be benevolent, perceptive and a gentleman but he’s definitely not selfless. We can see his desire for the throne though he does not openly shows it. He’s truly a great thinker and I would say pretty intelligent as he has a skill of reading people.

4th prince of the other hand seems cold and we can feel that he’s not as benevolent as 8th prince. He’s smart, observant and has great ideas. One of his virtues is probably not voicing out too often. He may scheme just as well as 8th prince, but the main difference in both of them is their attitude.

One is all nice to others as he prepares himself for the throne and the other is calm, collected and shows indifference.

Episode 9

Everything is slowly being set in motion. From this episode, we can see who has the upper hand. It becomes even clearer what the difference between 4th prince & 8th prince. Like I’ve mentioned, 4th prince is calm and shows indifference. This episode displayed that clearly as he tells 13th prince, “wait”. He’s not just smart, he’s in no hurry and knows exactly what not to be done. It’s like he has this “Que Sera Sera” mindset and just go with the flow until the perfect time comes.

One of the difference is that 8th prince might be affected by the other princes around him, but because 4th prince is originally cold to others, he doesn’t listen to other’s opinions.

8th prince might have guess the outcome as Rouxi did gave him clue. However, the other princes might have influence his judgement.


This story has been beautifully written right from the start and it slowly prepares us for the tragic later on. The only thing that I thought was not clearly written out was the brothers feelings towards one another. The 4th prince and 13th prince being close was displayed. So was 8th prince, 10 prince, and 14th prince. However, it was not clearly shown when did the two sides draw lines.

Still, it’s a great drama 🙂

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