Poseidon Ep 4 Highlights

I’ve made a final decision. I won’t be recapping Poseidon anymore because I think I might drop the drama sooner or later. I’ll just post the basic highlights of the episode or rather the main points only.

This episode was yet another catching-game episode.

So roughly, Kim Sun Woo doesn’t want to give up the case on Ah Dong Chool and he threatens to quit. Kwon Ryul says to do as he wish.

Sun Woo sent off Eun Chul at the airport who is going on a vacation.

Lee Soo Yoon tells him to check out a certain case, and he seemed not interested at first until he finds out it’s related to the case they’re currently doing. He perks up and continues working.

Kim Sun Woo receives a call and goes out with Lee Soo Yoon. They managed to save Ah Dong Chool from Duk Soo.

Kwon Ryul tries to find someone in a gambling den. That someone (not sure but nicknamed 7 star or something) meets up with Kwon Ryul and gives him a clue.

Lee Soo Yoon goes with another two police officers where Ah Dong Chool was found, to gather clues.

Kim Sun Woo, Kwon Ryul and the ‘Oh’ guy goes off to save  7star who is being chased by Duk Soo.

Inside the interrogation room, the head police officer (the one with glasses) is seen walking inside and staring at Ah Dong Chool.

Lee Sun Woo and Lee Soo Yoon opens a door (both at two different locations) and both are suprised.

The End.


This episode was boring, yet again. The investigation is actually quite boring to me, plot wise. They should have more character interactions.

There was a few cute scenes of Lee Soo Yoon & Kim Sun Woo which I really appreciated.

Just wondering if they’re going to keep at this same case for the rest of the drama. If that’s the case, I’m out.

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