Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 10 – 19 DISCUSSION

The much loved Mainland Historical Drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin has finally finish airing on TV. Well, I’m only at Ep 20 because the English Subtitles aren’t out yet for the rest of the episodes. 

This post is just to write down my thoughts about the story, romance and just rant on my love for it. 


8th Prince & Rouxi

The romance between Rouxi and 8th prince can be considered, one with lots of considerations and benefits. It’s naturally for her to be attracted to him, because he’s such a gentlemen, so observant/perceptive and is always warm to others. Not to mention, she lived in his residence since young. It’s a mixture of all of those feelings. She tries her best not to fall in love with him, knowing his ultimate ending, but is constantly confused every time she comes across with him.




Knowing that he’ll come to no good end, she sympathies with him, since he’s such a gentleman to her and others and is always trying his best. All of those mixed feelings keep confusing her. In Manchuria, she realizes that she does have feelings for him. However, knowing the future has always been a problem for her. Hoping to change his fate, she decides to let her guard down and make 8th prince change his mind about the throne. 

Sadly, 8th prince couldn’t understand why she’s bent on him giving up the throne. She, too, cannot accept the relationship which will eventually come to no good end. Simply put, he doesn’t want to give up the throne and she doesn’t want to have a relationship with an ending she’s already aware of. Both clearly love each other, but they don’t love each other enough to give up everything. 

It’s still a kind of love. A beautiful love story but they’re just not fated to be with each other. 

4th prince & Rouxi

The romance between 4th prince & Rouxi is something opposite of her romance with 8th prince. She knows that he’s the future Emperor, thus always careful not to get on his bad side. She’s extremly careful of him, making everyone misunderstand her for liking or treating the 4th prince special. 

She’s always awkward around him as he always have a no-expression face and seems cold. He is drawn to her as she is fearless and is constantly trying to get away from him. 

Their love continued to bloom from their continuous encounters with each other and 4th prince dedication to her. It’s clear he likes her, and he does grab the chances to let her know. 

For the 4th prince who is always cautious, he reveals to Rouxi his secret place as well as his intention to get the Royal Throne. Rouxi is surprised and happy that 4th prince is someone she can rely on and trust. 


Firstly, I understand that most people are irritated about the fact that 8th prince has two wives, and still wants the love of all three women. Actually, I don’t have much problem with that. To me, it’s a natural thing for them, as during their times, man have multiple wives. Though I’ll never accept such treatment nowadays, it’s understandble for them in the past so I try not to dwell on it or mix it with the modern times thinking. 

To me, Rouxi romance with 8th prince is like a bittersweet love. Something like First Love. It’s just what it is. A past love which can longer be the future. Something worth remembering but something which can longer be. 

Her romance with 4th prince, which started off with a series of events and when both finally put down their guard against each other. It’s adorable, touching and interesting. It’s a love, not just worth remembering, but a love which can lasts for a long long time though they’re not together. 

It’s sad though that she’s fated to love both man but not fated to be with either. 


To me, the drama is all about the romance, the sad fate and tragedy of the princes battling for the throne and just for the moment. 

It’s a great drama which affects me emotionally and will keep on haunting you about the facts of life. It’s such a sad story, yet beautiful. 

I have no complaints what-so-ever about the story because it’s so beautiful that I can’t wait to get to the tragic part. 


This is just extra thinking about the directing and editing of the episodes. I think they didn’t check one of the scenes properly. Not sure, but I think it’s on ep 19 or 18. Rouxi has returned the bangle to 8th prince. However, there was a scene where she meets 4th prince, and she has the bangle on. (HAHA!) It’s no big deal, they just probably filmed that scene before the returning bangle scene and didn’t notice it. 


Just like everyone, I’m sucked in the drama thanks to the brillaint writting, beautiful directing and wonderful casts and acting!

I’m supporting 4th prince, FYI. HAHAHA~~ He’s WAY TOO ADORABLE loving Rouxi!!!

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2 thoughts on “Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 10 – 19 DISCUSSION

  1. Question: What episode was that scene when 4th prince saved Rouxi from the arrow shot? I think i missed that part. Was wondering all along about that arrow memoir.

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