Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 20 – 21 DISCUSSION

This drama never fails me. Finally, I’ve reached a point of no return. I’m preparing myself with lots of tissue~~~

Episode 20 is the start of the turning of events. 8th prince plotted against 4th prince, and 13th prince took the blame for him, causing him to be home-prison for 10 years. We can say that 4th prince becomes more determined than ever from this point onwards to get the throne. Not just for his own sake, but for his 13th brother and Rouxi. 4th prince also breaks off with Rouxi, knowing that he can never ask for her hand in marriage after the incident. It hurts both of them.

For just this 2 episodes alone, there is so many beautiful scenes, like it always have, and I’m blown away as usual. My favorite scene? 4th prince and Rouxi in the rain for a short while. It’s so touching and sweet!!! Even after he went back to his residence, he continue to stand under the rain, becoming as one with Rouxi.

13th prince stole my heart yet again as he takes the blame put on 4th prince, to safe him. Being a person who likes to roam free and have company, being locked up is the worst punishment ever granted to him. It’s sad and tragic.

14th prince continues to stay a good friend, and is really adorable as he grabs food for Rouxi unlike the other princes. He keeps on thinking that Rouxi is always so good to 13th prince, he wonders if she’ll do the same if it was him. He’s happy to hear that Rouxi migt be closer with 13th prince, but her feelings towards them are all equal and she’ll do the same, no matter who it is.

However, amongst all those amazing scenes, I find the scene which 13th prince admitted in court it was his fault was the most saddest and tragic scene in these two episodes. As Rouxi stands behind the wall, thinking what is about to happen and she remembers that it’s the start of 13th prince being locked up. Tears start falling and 4th prince is just as sad and overwhelmed, including anger, and how the look on 13th prince was. It was such a sad and tragic scene.

The scene where 4th prince meets Rouxi and tells her he can never ask her hand in marriage anymore also hurts me!!! 4th prince clearly wants to be with her, but he knows that it’s impossible after the court incident. It’s a fact both of them knew and it’s so sad!!!!!!!

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