Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 22 Discussion

(picture above from the episode Rouxi breaks off with 8th prince, and bumps into 4th & 13th prince)

Finished watching Episode 22 earlier this morning and I can’t wait for the next one. Though I can understand Chinese roughly, some of the words used are still too hard for me to understand, so I just have to wait for the subs. Hehehe.

Episode 22 started off with 4th prince taking a walk at the garden, bumping into 10th prince who is looking for his wife. Rouxi who is also at the garden bumps into 10th Fujin, and they begin talking and joking, finally putting behind all the past.

4th prince & 10th prince noticed that an arrow is flying in the ladies direction and both rushed to save their woman. 4th prince is slightly injured. Rouxi asks why he did such a thing and he replied that he’ll be more hurt if she’s the one injured. (SWOONS~~)

14th prince is currently the most favored prince by the Emperor. Rouxi notices that they’re similar to each other. 4th prince who visits his mother to present a gift talks to 14th prince who was there for the same purpose. He says that 14th prince could fight for the throne as long as he wants to as he is now the Emperor’s favourite. He says that the 8th prince will forever be 14th prince’s stumbling block if he wants to take the throne.

8th prince who is away from the Emperor sends a gift to his father. However, the bird he sent is dying which makes the Emperor angry. The Emperor writes down an edict, which Rouxi understands as all hopes of gaining the throne for 8th prince is crushed. All hard work he’s worked for has come to nothing and he no longer has any chance of getting the throne. Rouxi is upset and everyone suspects 14th prince betrayed 8th prince.


This episode was low-key but once again showed the love 4th prince and Rouxi shared. There was a scene where Rouxi bumps into 4th prince and she bursts into tears. She tells him that he’s not allowed to forget her, at least until she forgets him. It was a beautiful scene 🙂

This episode also set straight the future of 8th prince, who already lost favor with the Emperor and his chances of gaining the throne is lost.

Who betrayed the 8th prince?

I’m not sure who did, but I’m sure it’s not 14th or 4th prince. I don’t think they’ll do it. Whoever, it is I guess I have to wait for the next few episodes.

But one thing I know, the next episode Rouxi will be demoted to a washer, since I saw the pictures uploaded. It means that the Emperor will make his intention to marry her to 14th prince in the next episode. (CAN’T WAIT!)

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