Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 24 Recap/ Discussion

This episode will be a short recap, because it’s mostly politics and I couldn’t understand what they’re saying. HAHA.

Rouxi picks up the broken pin and dares her to throw the bottle if she can handle the circumstances. The servant puts it on the table. Rouxi talks to them nicely and give each of them a bracelet, telling them to get along with her since the days will be long.

10 & 14th prince comes to visit her and tells her that 8th prince is still sick and Roulan is crying everyday worrying about her. Rouxi writes them a letter.

14th prince is made a General and gets ready for battle. 4th prince tells the Emperor to take care of his health.

4th prince goes to visit Rouxi with a baby. 13th prince & Luwu had given birth to a baby girl. They want Rouxi to name her. Rouxi is happy for them.

Time passes by and 14th prince reputation gets better amongst the people, since he keep winning battles.

14th prince returns and visit Rouxi. He is aware that Rouxi was sent there because she refused to marry him. He asks if she has someone in her heart. She keeps silent. He guesses that it’s 4th prince. He tells her to find him whenever she wants to get out of that place. She thanks him.

The Emperor falls ill and misses Rouxi’s pastries. Eunuch Li calls her over to make the pastry. The Emperor knows that Rouxi made them and calls for her. He asks if she is sick as her face is pale. He tells her to take care of her health.

Back at the tea room, Rouxi talks to Yutan about 4th prince and 14th prince. It’s true that 14th prince is becoming increasingly popular with the people and the Emperor favors him, but it’s also true that the 4th prince and the Emperor are meeting often.

The Emperor is ill and talks to 4th prince. He tells 4th prince that he doesn’t want his childen to fight for the throne. He asks 4th prince for a favor. 4th prince walks out the room with a serious expression, not looking at anyone.


Rouxi knows that the Emperor is dying soon and that 4th prince will soon become the Emperor. However, 14th prince popularity is increasing, thus she knows that people will start wondering who is the actual heir to the throne.

According to history, people believed that 14th prince was the actual heir but 4th prince exchanged the will. This was proved to be untrue sometime later.

Therefore, 4th prince will probably have some hard time in future as his mother will refuse to be crown Queen Dowager as her mother will think that 14th prince was the actual successor.

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