Bu Bu Jing Xin Recaps

I’m currently watching Bu Bu Jing Xin and I think many others who are watching are all looking for places which does recaps since the Eng Subs are fully done yet.

I’m wondering if I should do recaps for the episode?

I’m currently not doing recaps, but just posting the episode discussion and sometimes highlights, so I wonder if you would like me to do recaps?

I might consider, but if I do decide to do recaps, I won’t include any screencaps, because it is too much work. I want to fully concentrate watching it, so stopping once in a while to screencap is annoying. HAHA. But I will ensure that my recap is easy to understand and easy to read. I might not fully recap every single scene, but I will recap each important scene in the episode.

I’m still thinking so if I do a recap, means I’m doing it. If not, means I’m not. I might also not recap every single episode, but I’ll try my best to keep on doing the discussion so that the main points are written down.

Last… HAHA~~ We’re all fans of Bu Bu Jing Xin!!! (kekekeke~~~) Can’t stop saying how much I love it!

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One thought on “Bu Bu Jing Xin Recaps

  1. please do recaps if you can!! It would mean sooo much to many of us who can’t not understand what is going on or what is being said in the episodes and just guessing our ways through.

    I know you’re probably busy but when you can, it will be greatly appreciated. 😀

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