Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 25 Discussion

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, no recap for this episode but only a discussion. This episode was a torture to watch without subs since it had a lot of court/political scenes, thus I couldn’t understand what they were saying. (HAHA! Going to re-watch it once subs are completed)

Started off with Eunuch Li speaking to Rouxi and tells her not to make another mistake again. She asks his opinion about who is likely to be the successor, 4th prince or 14th prince. Eunuch Li gives her another warning to be careful about what she’s saying.

4th/14th Prince mother is talking to the emperor. The emperor asks who she likes better and she says that both are her sons. The Emperor however knows that she treats 4th prince more seriously.

Emperor is bed-ridden and Eunuch Li and another official was giving out an order (I couldn’t make out what it was~~). The Emperor dies and 4th prince appears at the room. (All the other princes were not by the Emperor’s bedside). 4th prince is made the Emperor. An order is given and I think that everyone who was in the room had to be locked up for a few days. (I think~~ because Rouxi was brought to a room)


I don’t know what’s going on here but I do know that 8th prince, 10th prince & 9th prince were not happy about 4th prince becoming Emperor. 8th prince daringly calls the Emperor, “4th brother”. Another official arrives congratulating 4th prince which made 8th prince face fall. (I don’t understand this part – so I’ll re-watch it later with subs).

4th prince mother calls for 4th prince. He arrives and asks his mother why she called for him. She asks him whether or not he faked the will or the Emperor. 4th prince is taken aback. The mother lashes out that the Emperor liked 14th prince a lot and will never have handed down the throne to 4th prince. 4th prince is upset and asks her that both of them are her child, why she thinks he can’t make a good emperor. The mother throws his jade bangle on the ground and it breaks. She says that even if the whole world acknowledges him as Emperor, she will never do so.

Rouxi is locked up in the room for a week and she already feels stuffy. She wonders how 13th prince endured 10 years. An eunuch comes to pick Rouxi up and tells her to enter the palace. She meets 13th prince there and tells him that she wants to groom herself first.

Rouxi lies down on the bed after showering. The 4th prince enters and sits beside her, stroking her hair. He lies down, assuring her that he’s just tired and wants to rest. (HAHA! CUTE~~). He wakes up from a bad dream (not even 1 minute of sleeping!) calling out for Rouxi and she assures him she’ll be with him. He decides not to sleep after all since he still got some work to do.

He asks her to smile like this everyday and agrees to let her see her sister once the court is more stabilized. Yutan visits her and tells her that she doesn’t want to get married. Rouxi agrees to speak to the emperor (4th prince) but promises nothing.

4th prince is with 8th prince and 13th prince. He has handed down a punishment to someone (dismemberment of body) and both 13th and 8th prince watches the scene.


I couldn’t understand most of this episode since it was full of political scenes. HAHA. Will re-watch it again when subs are released.

I find 4th prince very pitiful. He wants the throne, and he works hard for it but when he finally gets it, people suspect that he stole the throne from his own brother. What’s worse is that his own mother refused to believe him. It must have been so sad for him.

Nice to see 13th prince back on screen!!!

The last scene where the punishment was handed down, I think it was 4th prince way of showing 8th prince and others that he will not give out lenient punishment and is harsh with his punishment. It must have been a warning to others.

Anyway, since this episode was not properly watched, I will watch it again in a few days time once subs are done.

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