Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 26 Quick Discussion

This will be just a brief post with just some main points.

4th prince, 13th prince and Rouxi are all eating dinner together. Rouxi senses the awkwardness. After 13th prince leaves, 4th prince tells her that since 13th prince was released, he’s been observing etiquette and being very respectful (in other words, distant). Rouxi tells him to give 13th prince some time to adjust.

4th prince finds out from the physician that Rouxi is ill and if she follows his instructions, she would still have at least 10 years to live. 4th prince is sad and hugs her.

Eunuch Li is talking to 4th prince mother. She asks him for the details of the night the Emperor died. However, 4th prince arrives and orders Eunuch Li to leave. He asks his mother if she wants to see 14th prince (in a threatening way), and he will arrange for it.

4th prince grants Eunuch Li poison. Though 4th prince seems harsh, he doesn’t seem to actually want to make that decision as he tighten his grip and hold back his tears as Eunuch Li drank the poison.

14th prince finally arrives in the palace and visit the late emperor. 4th prince arrives. 14th prince doesn’t greet him and stares at him. The Eunuch scolds 14th prince, only to end up being kicked by 14th prince aside. 14th leaves without greeting 4th prince.

4th prince is studying the accounts book and Rouxi stand besides him. She wonders aloud, “no wonder they had so much work” which confused 4th prince. (Modern Rouxi actually thinking about the accounting methods nowadays! HAHA~~). She asks him if she would like him to let her read the accounts book. He tells her no, because she’s his woman and she’s here to enjoy life not to suffer. (SWOONS!)

Rouxi tells him to rest early today and she goes back to her room to rest. 4th prince enters and tells her he just want to be beside her. They sleep holding hands till morning.

4th prince and Rouxi eating dinner while 13th prince enters. Miss Luwu had gone missing and 13th prince asks 4th prince to allow him to leave the palace to look for her. He agrees. Miss Luwu is by the sea thinking back of the times she was looked down upon by 13th prince’s Ce Fujin.

Rouxi tells 4th prince that they’ll probably find her and 4th prince says that he hopes what he is thinking is wrong too. (He thinks that she’s going to commit suicide which is right!)


Because the throne is still shaky, the 4th prince is very harsh in handing down punishment, which may sometimes seem too much. He looks like there’s a lot of decision he would rather not make (like giving Eunuch Li poison), but he has to do for the stability of the throne.

This episode was all about 4th prince & Rouxi~~ kekeke~~ 4th prince is so sweet to Rouxi and they’re really cute together. Too bad it won’t last long.

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