Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 27 Recap/ Discussion

Luwu stands by the sea thinking back of the time she left the farewell letter for 13th prince. An eunuch saw her and informs 13th prince who is nearby. 13th prince goes to the place but sees no one, he leaves. Luwu is already in the water, drowning. (If he had went on further, maybe he would have realised Luwu was in the water…)

Rouxi and 4th prince are talking. 4th prince mentions that 13th prince has not been going to court. He, as king, feels insecure and doesn’t trust anyone in court. When 13th prince was there, he never felt that before. Rouxi holds his hand. Minister Wang with news of Luwu arrives. Rouxi hides herself behind a wall. Minister Wang tells 4th prince that a similar woman was found in sea. 4th prince tells him not to let anyone know. Rouxi is upset.

Rouxi stares into space and she thinks about the time spent with Luwu. 4th prince stands beside her and tells her that 13th prince have stopped searching and is drowning himself in alcohol. He asks Rouxi to speak to him.

Rouxi enters 13th prince room to find 13th prince drinking with Luwu portraits everywhere. They drink together and start talking. (I could only understand partially what they were saying not full so I will not recap what they said) All I knew was that Rouxi mentioned something about a letter Luwu had given her and she’s making up a lie to 13th prince.

Rouxi talks to 13th Fujin and asks about Chenhuan (13th prince & Luwu’s daughter). Rouxi tries to cheer Chenhuan up. 13th Ce Fujin arrives and Rouxi asked them to leave as she wants to say something to her. Rouxi asks 13th CeFujin what she said to Luwu. 13th CeFujin says that she have so many things to say, which one she’s talking about. Rouxi loses her temper and grabs the collar of 13th CeFujin. She says that if 13th CeFujin had no children, she would have lost her life already.

Chenhuan meets 4th prince and complains about 13th prince drinking, as well as Rouxi drinking and almost getting into a fight. He smiles and dismisses her. He asks Rouxi how she comforted 13th prince. Rouxi tells him she told 13th prince a lie. Since they’re lying to him already, might as well tell a bigger lie.

8th, 9th, 10th and 14th prince are drinking together. 9th prince tells them that the reason 13th was not attending court was because of Luwu. He insults Luwu, but the other princes knows that Luwu had been a great help for 13th prince.

Rouxi wants to send some snacks to 4th prince. However, someone was there asking him to pick something (small wooden tags – i’m guessing concubines names). He flips one over insincerely. Rouxi decides not to give the snacks anymore. Yutan comes inside her room, passing her a hot pack (i think it’s a hot pack to keep her hands warm). She’s upset.

The next day, Rouxi goes to the emperor’s room to return the hotpack. She imagines him sleeping with another woman and throws the hot pack on the bed. 4th prince was standing behind her.

She walks away and the 4th prince grabs hold of her arm. He says that he’s happy that she’s jealous and gives her a back hug. She asks him to turn around. She pulls his ponytail. She says that he never allowed anyone to hold his ponytail, so only she can. He mentions that it’s not that only she can but only she dares to do so. (HAHAHA!!!)

Rouxi is sewing something for 4th prince mother. 4th prince enters the room and mentions that there is another gift which his mother would like, which is her as a daughter-in-law and giving birth to her grandson. Rouxi walks away and 4th prince asked if she’s unwilling to give that present. He offers to send the sewed material to his mother. Rouxi wants to go along but 4th prince says rather not as he’ll be there with 14th prince. He offers to go with her with the gift two days later. He tells her not to go anywhere and if he comes back and she’s not there, he’ll get angry. He lightly hits the forehead.

4th prince goes to greet his mother. His mother was talking to 14th prince. The mother is cold towards 4th prince. 4th prince asks why she still refuse the title Queen Dowager. She asks if he really wants to know. He says yes. She asked who allowed him to be the successor and he answers Imperial Father. She asks if it’s really him or his younger brother. The emperor told her that he’ll crown the 14th prince. 4th prince mentions that he wasn’t in the room either when the emperor died. 14th prince tries to calm his mother down. His mother tells him even his brother is protecting him and where did his conscience go. 4th prince is upset and asks if he’s not her son. She says that both are her child and it doesn’t matter anymore. She says she will never accept the title Queen Dowager.

4th prince is upset and begins drinking. Rouxi tells him that it’s something which has been going on for a few years already, why make it difficult for himself. He says that in his mother’s heart, there is only 14th prince. He’ll never be as good. Rouxi tells  him he’s already the king. He asks her if he can be a good emperor and she says that if he thinks he’s a good one, means he’s a good one. He pour down his woes and Rouxi drinks with him.

4th prince wakes up and Rouxi enters with a basin to wash his face. He tells Rouxi that 13th prince have told him about her high tolerance for alcohol, and he ended up drunk while she’s fine. She says that it’s not her high tolerance, it’s him having low tolerance. He presents her the exact same hairpin which broke and puts it on her. He asked her if it’s nice and she jokes that she can’t see. He smiles and say that it looks pretty good to him. He mentions that it’s first day of New Year so he won’t accompany her. Rouxi is upset.

The Empress (4th prince, Fujin) visits Rouxi and have a chat with her. She tells her about the incident 10 years ago where 4th prince stood outside his residence in the rain while Rouxi was knelling down for 13th prince. She asks if it was 4th prince who asked her to come over, but she says that 4th prince just wanted her to accompany Rouxi in case Rouxi start thinking of weird things. They have a talk and the Empress leaves.


It’s sad for 13th prince that Luwu is no longer aroung. She was the woman who was with him for 10 years, so he won’t let go of it so easily.

4th prince must be having a hard time with his own mother not trusting him and acting so cold towards him. It’s as if everyone have their back turn on him, except for Rouxi and 13th prince.

However, this episode has a lot of adorable moments of Rouxi and 4th prince! So CUTE!!! 4th Prince Fujin (The Empress) is also such a nice lady 🙂

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