Warrior Baek Dong Soo Finishing Report

WBDS is coming to an end pretty soon and I just thought I’ll blog about my thoughts about the drama as a whole so far.

When I first heard Yoo Seung Ho is going to act in this drama, rejecting the Baek Dong Soo’s role for Yeo Un’s role, as he finds it more interesting and that it will be his first VILLAIN role, I was EXCITED. I kept updates and waited for the drama to finally air.

The first few episodes were great, though I thought they used the child actors for way too long (i think for 5 or 6 episodes?). During childhood times, Yeo Un clearly was no sociable at all, and he’s always competing with Dong Soo. I thought they would at least keep that hostile relationship till they grew up but they became close friends. Okay…so I accepted it, thinking that the betrayal would have more effect, in the later parts of the drama.

However, episodes went by and Yeo Un hardly went over to the dark side. At episode 19 or 20, when he injured his friends, I thought “WA! HE IS FINALLY A KILLER”, but they burst my bubble by making him the one who injured them and the one who saved them.

I waited and waited….but up till date, Yeo Un is STILL NOT AN OFFICIAL KILLER!

I don’t know what exactly the drama is trying to write about. At first I thought it was about Crown Prince Sado conspiracy, but they killed him off in the early episodes and I have no idea what else they were heading for. I heard about BDS is suppose to help the crown prince, but so far the plot is mostly about revenge amongts the characters only. Seriously!

There isn’t any proper constructed plot at all…

I don’t know what you guys think about, but I think this drama is a major disappointement since I had huge expectations for it.

I still love Yoo Seung Ho and his character Yeo Un, but I just can’t love the drama.

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