Poseidon Ep 6: Boxing Ring Scene


I’m no longer going to do recaps for Poseidon anymore and I probably won’t do discussion on the full episodes as well. However, I’ll post whatever I feel like 🙂

Episode 6 highlight for me was Lee Soo Yoon and Kim Sun Woo sparring in the boxing ring. For REAL, this time. At the last episode, we saw Kim Sun Woo being beaten up by Lee Soo Yoon, however, in this episode Kim Sun Woo shows his real strength.

Kim Sun Woo was actually looking for Soo Yoon and eventually thought of the boxing ring. To cheer her up, he asks her to spar with him. She was reluctant at first but relents thinking that it will be good to beat up someone, but she ends up being beaten. LOL XDD

At one point, Kim Sun Woo hugs her so that she could cry out loud.

It’s such a cute moment and I think it’s the only interesting scene in the episode. Honestly, if not for this pair, I would not have continued watching Poseidon at all.

*in case you’re wondering, she’s upset because the father she respected so much was involved in a previous case of stealing money and running off – though we don’t know if it’s the truth or not

*another extra note: Choi Duk Soo is finally caught at the end of this episode. The SSAT guy shoots him in the kidney, and was about to shoot him on the head when Kwon Ryu arrives. (Opps…Betrayer alert)

Screen Captures of Boxing Scene:

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