Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 23 – 26 Re-Discussion

I re-watched Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 23 – 26 because the first time I watched it was with minimal english subs. Thus, there was a need to re-watch it again, and I totally don’t mind because the story is so nice 🙂

Most of the parts I’ve watched so there wasn’t much changes, but there was a few parts which I didn’t understand initially and made quite a difference.

This discussion is for those specific scenes which I didn’t discuss previously.

Episode 24:

There was a scene where 4th prince was called inside by the Emperor (last few minutes). It seems that the Emperor told 4th prince that he has ordered a decree which will name 14th prince as the successor and 4th prince was to guide and help him out.

Episode 25:

The Emperor mentioned to 4th prince mother that perhaps 4th prince personality was because of her attitude towards him.

Because the Emperor was very ill, Eunuch Li and the official (Long Ke Duo – if i’m not wrong) ordered that no one, including any prince is allowed to enter the palace (which the Emperor was in) and no one is allowed to leave it as well. 4th Prince who heard the news was writing some thing. (First was the character “Calm” and “Wait” and the last character was “action”). 

The Emperor died and 4th prince appeared at his bedside. Official Long announced that the Emperor has issued a decree saying that 4th prince is the successor. 4th prince ordered that no one is to spread the news publicly yet, thus Rouxi and the others were locked inside a room.

The court session had 4th prince discussing about the funeral of the late Emperor. Everyone insist that he should announce to everyone that he’s the new king, but he wants to settle the funeral first. They were interrupted by 8th, 9th and 10th prince who refused to acknowledged him as Emperor at first. Official Nian arrived which made 8th prince face fall (meaning 4th prince supporters are all there at court). 4th prince annouced that 8th and 13th prince recieved a title and that they become prime ministers, together with official Long and Nian. (This caused 8th prince to acknowledge 4th prince as Emperor)

The very last scene where he issued a punishment, was to Er Ling Er. He was the official who accused 4th prince earlier on for spreading rumors about the Crown Prince, which had caused 13th prince to be locked up for 10 years. The punishment was to show 8th prince that he’s not going to stand by and watch people against him.

Episode 26:

When 14th prince returned, he was upset probably because he was late and didn’t receive the news about the Emperor’s death in time. In court, he had refused to kneel down to acknowledge 4th prince as Emperor. 4th prince issued a decree, removing 14th prince “General” title. 8th prince is shocked.

There was a scene about a palace servant getting beaten. Yutan and Rouxi were looking on. Yutan is scared that she’ll end up that way one day but Rouxi promises her that as long as she’s there, she won’t let Yutan come to any harm as she is staying at the palace because of her.

Rouxi and 4th prince were discussing about the eagle which died (the thing which caused 8th prince to lose all favor with the Emperor). Turns out that 4th prince was the one who did it.


Let’s see. In Episode 24, 4th prince was told by the Emperor that 14th prince will be the successor. However, in Episode 25, 4th prince was made the successor by Official Long who stated that the Emperor made him the successor.

8th prince had no choice but to acknowledge 4th prince as Emperor, due to 4th prince support from two strong officials (Long & Nian).

4th prince is very precise with his decisions. He granted titles to 8th, 13th and the two officials and also removed a title from 14th prince. This can be called a strategic move. 8th prince who no longer have much power is given a title, and 14th prince who have a lot of power (he’s also the rumored successor to the throne) has a title removed from him.

When Yutan saw the palace servant getting beaten, she was scared. Rouxi promised her that she will come to no harm. This will come into effect more later. (SPOILER ALERT) Yutan was originally a spy sent to watch Rouxi. When 4th prince found out, he ordered Yutan to be boiled/steamed alive. (END SPOILER) That will cause Rouxi more disillusion with 4th prince. She clearly loves him, but she cannot bear to see all her friends being destroyed by 4th prince.

We see a lot of conflicts coming into place right now. Who’s the rightful successor? 14th or 4th? Is 4th prince too harsh? 

It’s actually quite similar to actual history (where 4th prince who gained the throne was under suspicion for stealing it from the actual successor, the 14th prince). However, history also states that there was no proof of 4th prince stealing it from 14th prince and that years after, he was accepted as the rightful successor. However whether or not all of this is true is never known because it’s history.

My own opinion (not about history, but this BBJX drama), is that 4th prince is indeed the rightful heir. The Emperor might have told him that 14th prince was the heir to test 4th prince (my own deductions). However, the Emperor thinks that 4th prince will make a good Emperor, because of his personality.

I think that 4th prince was the only candidate suitable to be an Emperor. He’s calm, intelligent and cannot be influence by others. In this case, 14th prince might be disadvantaged. 14th prince is close to 8th prince and others, he’s also soft-hearted and doted on by his mother. All this can be considered a disadvantage because he may be influenced by them.

Just like what Rouxi thought. She thinks that if 14th prince was the actually heir, the brothers might not have been killed off. However, she’s also hesitating because she isn’t sure if 14th prince really would not kill those who are not on his side. Imagine this, 14th prince being the Emperor. Won’t 8th prince and the others influence him to reduce 4th prince power? 

As for whether or not 4th prince actions are too harsh…I don’t think so. He’s cruel but he has every reason to do so. Killing off Er Ling Er was not cruel because he caused 13th brother to be locked up, 4th prince being unable to marry Rouxi and Rouxi being sent off to laundry dept. He gives out harsh punishment to people because of the throne being unstable. He has to show people that he’s the Emperor now. If he was lenient, people would always find a chance to get him off the throne.


It’s amazing how well-written the drama is. It’s full on conflicts and it makes us feel the conflict as well. There’s no right and there’s no wrong. It tells us that there is two sides to a story and not everything should be viewed one-side only.

I pity Rouxi who is always stuck in between. She doesn’t want 4th prince to be upset (if he doesn’t get the throne), but she doesn’t want the brothers to die either (if 4th prince gets the throne). It’s something inevitable and she can do nothing but watch as history unfolds itself in front of her.



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