Tree With Deep Roots Ep 1 Recap

Someone is lurking around the palace in the dark. It turns out to be Kang Chae Yun (Jang Kyuk). He jumps across the roofs and calculates the number of steps needed to reach the King. Morning came, and Kang Chae Yun is hiding amongst the many people. He fixes his gaze on the Emperor and runs out, attempting to kill him. He fights with the hundreds of guards along the way and finally reached to where the Emperor was. However, an arrow pierced through him. He crumbles to the floor as more arrows pierced though him. He thinks to himself that he have failed.

and…we’re back to nightfall. (HAHA! He’s just imagining it)

Chae Yun knows that it’s impossible to succeed. He either has to move faster or get closer to the Emperor to be able to kill him. He walks away and draws a little layout of part of the palace on his notebook. He turns around and comes face to face with the Emperor. Stunned, he just continued standing until the bodyguard berated him for being disrespectful. He quickly kneels down but his mind is wandering off and he couldn’t answer the Emperor’s question. He’s so close to the Emperor and he keeps on calculating his steps and the percentage of success. The Emperor asks him what is his name and he thinks to himself, “I’m Ddol Bok from Hanjik Village.”

and…we go back to when they were still kids.

Ddol Bok/ Chae Yun is beating up someone to find out who’s the one who said his father is stupid. He’s the slave of the Chief Councillor Sim On.

It’s the first year of King Sejong’s reign.

Deputy Minister Kang Sang In is being tortured. He insists that Chief Councillor Sim On is not guilty but Minister Jo Mal Sae mentions that when there’s a crime, there has to be a criminal. He tells Minister Kang that it’s the former king’s order.

Seok Sam delivers food to the other slaves at the Sim On’s household. He is made fun off by the rest until Ddol Bok/ Chae Yun arrived. The other slave who bullied Seok Sam has a daughter who is a close friend of Ddol Bok.

Guards arrive at the Sim On’s household but only Sim Jeong (his brother) and the rest of the family is there. The guards arrests everyone, including slaves of the household. Seok Sam and the other slave old guy was not caught.

The Queen is informed of her uncle’s arrest and is shocked. Mu Yeol looks for the Emperor to inform him of what happened, but he is already aware. He’s busy counting and trying to solve a magic box game. The Queen arrives and is upset at his indifference. She begs him to save her father and uncle, but he recalls an unpleasant memory and in tears mentioned that he cannot do anything to help.

A court session is being held to issue the punishment for the criminals. King Taejong (The former King) puts pressure on King Sejong to issue the harsh punishment. He has no choice but to follow suit. He goes back to the library dejected and is surprised to see his father there. His father tells him not to be so addicted to the game and think to hard. He should just eliminate all the obstacles so that he can have the power.

King Sejong is thinking. He orders a palace maid to do an errand for him (sent a secret letter to Sim On’s slave to be sent to Sim On), on the pretext that her mother is ill. The palace maid meets Ddol Bok and company outside the Sim On’s household. She tells them to deliver the letter and mentions that the letter is to tell Sim On to run away. After the palace maid leaves, Ddol Bok asks his female friend to read the letter and if it’s true. She hesitates and says that it’s true.

Seok Sam insist on delivering the letter because it’s dangerous. He manages to reach in time and deliver the letter, but the letter’s content was not what the palace girl said. It’s a letter talking about gathering the army (probably a rebel’s note). The guards soon arrive and arrests all of them, first by hitting Seok Sam on the head.

King Sejong is shocked to find out that Sim On was caught. He realises that the letter was switched. The palace maid was also nowhere to be found.

Seok Sam is dying but still have something to say to Ddol Bok. Sim On helps him write something on a piece of fabric. Ddol Bok and his female friend are caught by the guards when they chased the other old slave who was being brought to the jail. All of them are in the jail, and Ddol Bok asks his female friend if she read the letter carefully. He blames her for reading it wrongly. Seok Sam is thrown inside the cell with them. Ddol Bok is shocked to find him in such a state. Seok Sam passes the fabric to Ddol Bok and dies.

The Queen talks to King Sejong, asking him why he did such a thing after telling her he can’t do anything. Her father who was caught had said nothing, and just accepted the punishment without defending himself to protect him. The Queen tells King Sejong that it’s all his fault.


The first episode is not bad, and quite interesting. We see a puppet King who is clearly unhappy with his father but has no ways to fight his father.

In the beginning, we see Jang Hyuk bending to kill the Emperor. To him, it’s King Sejong’s fault that his father died. His father died delivering the letter. However, it’s not exactly King Sejong’s fault as King Taejong was the one who caused the whole issue.

Anyway, so far we know that Ddol Bok is not Seok Sam’s real son. He’s probably the son of deputy minister Kang.

Just one thing though…I don’t know if it was just me, but did they give names to the childhood female friend of Ddol Bok, her father and the palace maid? HAHAHA~~ It’s weird writing a recap, not knowing the names.


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