Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 27 Re-Discussion

Before I recap the next few episodes, I’m going to do another re-discussion on Ep 27 since I didn’t watch it full with Eng Subs previously.

So I’ll just highlight the scenes which I didn’t wrote in detail in the recap:

Rouxi &13th prince talking:

Rouxi told 13th prince that Lu Wu was actually from a rich and noble family. However, some trouble occurred when some people used Ming Dynasty names which caused a lot of lives. She tells 13th prince that staying beside 13th prince for 10 years locked up, was her love for him and leaving him to her hometown is her filial piety to her parents.

NOTE: Rouxi did receive a letter from Lu Wu, who did mention her hometown. Rouxi actually was just predicting what she mentioned to 13th prince.

NOTE: When Rouxi tells 4th prince of her lie, 4th prince doesn’t seem surprise. Rouxi finds out that what she actually predicted was spot-on. That is why 4th prince never give Lu Wu a title despite thinking of granting her one in the past.


In this particular episode, there are a few things I would like to highlight.

8th prince’s ambition for the throne:

Though we know he never got the throne, I just wanted to discuss his ambitions on wanting to actually sit on the Throne. I never thought that he’s ambition was wrong. Being born by a mother who doesn’t have a high status, he naturally feels that he can do just as well as the others.

Perhaps what he wanted was for his father to recognize him for his efforts and intelligence, which sadly his father thinks of as threatening. Though he uses underhand means to get his opponent down (4th prince, which ended up with 13th prince taking the blame), I never thought him off as evil. The Throne is a position that you won’t get handed down to you just by being a nice person. Lastly, his comment to 9th prince in this episode, where he said that they should not bring a woman inside their fight to gain advantage, was interesting.

Yutan’s friendship with Rouxi:

Before we move on to the next few episodes, I just want to look on this two girls relationship. They’re close friends, sisters, who have shared their lives with each other for years. I think that it’s genuine and that both of them clearly loves each other as much as sisters.

(SPOILER ALERT!) It’s sad though that Yutan was actually a spy sent by 9th prince. Despite her being a spy, I never doubted her sincerity towards Rouxi or their friendship. However, 4th prince who killed Yutan, will eventually made Rouxi more delusional with her love. (END SPOILER) 

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