Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 28 Recap

9th prince, 10th prince and 14th prince are at 8th prince manor, wishing him. His son started playing with firecrackers and 8th prince tells his eunuch to quickly stop his son. 9th prince tells him not to worry so much. 14th prince tells them that he have something to say. He tells them about his mother not accepting the Queen Dowager title and 9th & 10th prince laughs, making fun of 4th prince. 8th prince is still thinking and tells them to be more careful because 4th prince already punished Er Ling Er for making rumors in the past. He probably knows who’s behind it but hasn’t taken any actions yet. He comments that Rouxi’s prediction about 4th prince was correct.


Roulan is ill and Rouxi quickly goes to visit her after 8th prince informed 4th prince to grant permission. Rouxi is sad to see her sistel ill and they lay beside each other talking about their hometown, their mother and Roulan’s lover. Roulan falls asleep and Rouxi steps outside.

10th and 14th prince visits Rouxi. 10th prince informs Rouxi that he’ll be going to Mongolia soon and she won’t be able to see him for half a year. 9th prince was already sent to Tibet a month ago, and the next one to be sent off would probably be 14th prince. 14th prince asks Rouxi what is she thinking by following 4th prince around. He doesn’t even grant her a title and she doesn’t have any proper status. She can’t be considered a palace maid or the emperor’s woman. 14th prince asks if she wants to leave the palace (10th prince scoffs off as it’s something beyond their means). 14th prince asks if she still remember what he said to her when he visited her at the laundry department. She keeps quite and 14th prince tells her it’s okay.

Roulan is awake and Rouxi goes to see her sister. Roulan is dressing up, trying to look her best and wearing gifts from her late lover. After dressing up, she spins around twice before falling on the bed. She leans on Rouxi’s shoulders and tells her that she can’t wait to see her lover but is afraid that even in death, she won’t be able to meet him as she’s the wife of 8th prince. Rouxi tells her to wait for her.

Rouxi goes to see 8th prince and begs him to divorce Roulan. 10th and 14th prince tells her that granting marriages is done by the emperor and divorcing is not so easy. Rouxi is aware but she won’t have time to go back to the palace. She begs 8th prince to do so. 10th prince mentions that 8th prince might be punished, but Fujin arrived and says that even by doing nothing, he’ll still be punished. 8th prince writes the letter of divorce and leaves upset.

Rouxi reads the letter to Roulan and Roulan dies in peace. 8th prince is crying and Fujin consoles him. 4th prince tells Rouxi that he has done his best and allowed the divorce, and even arranged for Roulan to be buried together with her lover, but he cannot let her send her sister back personally. 4th prince is afraid that Rouxi won’t want to come back to the palace if she goes back to her hometown.

Rouxi asks about Qiao Hui’s (Roulan’s palace maid) well being. 4th prince tells her that she’s at 13th prince manor, but Rouxi is worried because she had grew up Roulan and all of a sudden being sent to an unfamiliar place, she might be suffering.

Cheng Huan arrives and plays with Rouxi. 4th prince looks on, thinking.

Rouxi is showering and thinks of her sister’s words of protecting and treasuring her love. She gets ready for bed, and smiles when the 4th prince arrives. 4th prince looks at her and tells her directly that he wants to have her. However, 4th prince tells her not to worry because he will wait till her heart is willing. He asks her about their promise of being honest to each other and asks her what should he do so that she won’t reject him. He is aware that ever since she moved to Yinxin Palace, she’s been been cold and resisted him. 4th prince tells her that looking at her playing with Cheng Huan makes him want to have kids with Rouxi and watching Rouxi plays with them.

Rouxi thinks to herself. She has been resisting 4th prince because she is aware of everyone’s ending. She sits beside 4th prince and tells him she want to become Empress. 4th prince tells her that he can’t promise her that. The Empress married him as a child and has never done any wrong. She even lost her child and no longer have children. Rouxi tells him not to see Lady Nian Fei and he asks her why is she making thing difficult for him. Rouxi asks if it’s because of Minister Nian, and asks him what else can he give her then. 4th prince tells her that eventhough he has the world now, it means nothing without her. However, he cannot give her anything besides his heart. He tells that the reason why he never gave her a title was because if she was granted one, he won’t be able to see her as and when he wish to. He would have to flip the nametags (those wooden things). However, without a title, just like currently, he can see her everyday. Rouxi stops resisting him.

Cheng Huan and the other kids are playing. Rouxi, 4th prince & 13th prince looks on. Minister Nian and Long needs to see 4th prince thus he left. Rouxi asks 13th prince, why he doesn’t take Cheng Huan home. 13th prince is afraid and doesn’t know how to face her.

13th prince mentions about 14th prince being sent out to guard tombs. Rouxi mentions that 14th prince must be unsatisfied, as it’s such a small job, compared to his previous mission as a General. 13th prince tells Rouxi that 4th prince keeps all of this from Rouxi as he doesn’t want her to worry. However, if she keeps on worrying like this, it defeats the purpose. 13th prince mentions that sending off 14th prince will help to strengthen the throne. There is so many problems at court and 4th prince mother even refused the Queen Dowager title. If 14th prince is still here, he will go against 4th prince in court and it will cause more problems. Rouxi walks away quietly.

Minister Nian and Long are talking to 4th prince. They mentioned that the rumors of his mother not even recognizing him as an emperor as she refused the Queen Dowager title has spread. They tell him that the granting of title Crown Dowager cannot be held off any longer. An eunuch arrived telling 4th prince that his mother is seriously ill.


8th prince love for Roulan:

Some of you may think that 8th prince is a player because he wants to have the love of all three (De Fujin, Roulan & Rouxi). However, I think that he’s not wrong. In those times, it’s perfectly normal for man to have many wives and they’re brought up that way so they won’t think of it as something wrong. So let’s look at it at their perspective. Considering that it’s normal, he’s considered a very nice man. He takes care of all the woman who is with him well, and doesn’t give special care to one particular person. He is aware of everything each one does for him and wants to take care of each of them. As for his love for Roulan, I thought that if only Roulan had loved him back. He did love Roulan, but he never manage to win her heart. It’s a sad thing. His love for Roulan is like when you see something you really find beautiful and want it badly, but you’ll never get it.

Rouxi’s hesitating self:

Rouxi is always hesitating because she is aware of everything which will happen. She’s worried and clueless about what to do when the time comes. Though she tells 4th prince that she wants to become Empress, I don’t think it’s the title that she want. Perhaps she wanted to have it so that she can try to change history (help to prevent the other princes’ downfall). She’s never greedy, but she loves 4th prince a lot and she loves her friendships with the other prince, just as much.

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