Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 29 Recap

NOTE: From this episode onward, I will address 4th prince as Emperor and no longer use 4th prince. 

The Emperor visits his sick mother and asks her to look at him, her son as an Emperor (he’s using the full Emperor’s clothing). She states that she does not have a son like him asks him to leave. The Emperor is upset and asks the mother if she really doesn’t want him to grant her the title as a son. She refuses to call him her son and mentions that her regret was raising a son like him. The Emperor is heartbroken. His mother passes away. The Emperor kneels down, takes off his hat, and bow to his mother.

14th prince returns to the palace. He is distraught. The Emperor arranges for their mother to be dressed beautifully, but 14th prince refuses to let anyone touch his mother. In a fit of anger, he pushes the servants away and grabs the Emperor’s shoulder. He shouts for his mother and faints. Rouxi is nearby outside and is crying. She looks on upset and not knowing who’s right and who’s wrong in the mother and sons relationship. In the end, all three of them are not happy.

Rouxi visits 14th prince who is sick. She tells him to take care of his health or his mother won’t rest in peace. 14th prince drinks the medicine and asks Rouxi a question. He asks Rouxi if the late Emperor really gave the throne to his brother. Rouxi asks if he really believes what those people said. He doesn’t but because his mother personally told him that the late Emperor wanted to give the throne to him, he can’t help but doubt it. Rouxi tells him not to be offended and mentions that how his mother treated him and his brother, he knows it himself. All that she knows is that the late Emperor indeed gave the throne to his brother. As for what the late Emperor told his mother, she has no idea. 14th prince is relieved and goes back to rest.

Rouxi prays and asks De Fei (Emperor’s mother) for forgiveness for making up a lie. That lie however, is the best thing for the Emperor and 14th prince. She asks for forgiveness for herself and the Emperor.

COURT SESSION – Ministers are discussing about Emperor’s mother funeral. (If I’m not wrong, one of them asks the Emperor if the Queen Dowager title should be granted, but he says no need)

The Emperor is doing some work and Rouxi arrives sending him tea. She keeps him company by reading a book.

Rouxi chats with 13th prince. He tells her that he overheard from Cheng Huan that she prepared a gift for Hongli. 13th prince asks why Hongli, and she mentions that Hongli will understand in future, and that so will 13th prince. 13th tells her that she’s talking about crazy things again.

13th prince is about to leave, but Rouxi asks him to join them to eat. He agrees. She asks if he’s going to follow the strict etiquette like previously, and they both laughed. 13th prince mentions that 4th prince is now the Emperor, and he can’t treat him like before. Besides 10 years have passed and they’re no longer the same 4th and 13th prince. Rouxi mentions that the Emperor doesn’t like him to treat him that way. 13th prince is aware but he still have to do it. There is no choice, because on the Throne, is a lonely position. The Emperor will get used to it. Rouxi says that he won’t. 13th prince continues that him being Emperor is no longer the same as he was. Now just in a spur or a moment, whatever he says, cannot be taken back.

Rouxi tells him that the Emperor would be upset to hear him say such things. 13th prince answers that, no he won’t because he already understand all of this, it’s Rouxi who don’t understand.

Rouxi is walking alone, looking at random palace walls. She saw 13th prince in official clothes going somewhere and calls out to him. She asks if there is something wrong. He tells her that knowing more things will mean more trouble. He reveals that 8th prince was scolded by the Emperor earlier and is being punished by kneeling. Rouxi wants to plead for him but 13th prince stops her, telling her that the Emperor cannot take back his words. What should have been said and beg, he has done it. She is stubborn and still insist on going. 13th prince tells her that he has something to say.

13th prince mentioned that the Emperor’s action by moving her to Yinxin Palace, makes everyone know that she is the Emperor’s woman. 13th prince wasn’t sure at first but he knows that Rouxi wholeheartedly loves the Emperor and he tells her to let go of 8th prince. She asks him if it was him in her shoes, will he be able to do so. He keeps quiet and Rouxi tells him not to ask her to do something that he can’t himself. Rouxi asks 13th prince if he remembers the past. In the past, he told her to tell the Emperor about 8th prince and that the Emperor wasn’t so petty. However, now he’s telling her not to let him know. 13th prince mentions that back then he was 4th prince but now he’s the Emperor.

Rouxi is kneeling at the temple while praying. The Emperor arrives. He tells her that he heard that she had been kneeling here for two hours without eating dinner. He tells her that her knees will suffer if she continues. Rouxi tells him that those unpleasant things between him and 8th prince, of the past, can’t he just forget about it. He says that every action has a consequences (karma). The Emperor leaves.

Rouxi’s knees hurt and she wonders how 8th prince is doing as he’s old and if at his age to be kneeling, he must be suffering.

It’s night, and the Emperor comes again to see her kneeling. He’s angry but still puts on his coat on her. He orders her as an Emperor to stand up. Rouxi stands and treats him like an Emperor. She thanks him and leaves.

Rouxi is inside her room thinking long and hard, standing. It’s daylight. Someone knocks on the door and Rouxi opens, telling the palace maid that she does not want any disturbance. It’s the Emperor. He walks in and notices that Rouxi is having difficultly walking. He’s enraged and flips off the tray on the table, scolding her for standing for hours when he orders he to stop kneeling. (NOTE: He ordered her to stop kneeling, but inside her room, she stood for hours instead of kneeling). He leaves in anger after telling her that 8th prince is already back at his manor.

Rouxi goes back to Pei Mansion (Yutan’s place). Rouxi chats with Yutan. Yutan mentions the recent rumors and looks for Rouxi’s reaction. Rouxi, however, tells her not to bother with all of those.

The Emperor goes to Rouxi’s room but she’s not there. He’s upset.

Rouxi is lying on a chair outside of Pei Mansion. 13th prince arrives, sighing. She mentions the recent rumors and 13th prince asks her if she heard it. She asks him if he doesn’t get along with Minister Nian. He tells her that is Minister Nian who don’t get along with him. Minister Nian gained what he had for years of hardwork, but 13th prince didn’t do anything for 10 years but whatever he wants now, it’s within his reach.

13th prince looks at her and she mentions that about her father and brother being sent to far south and becoming civilians, is actually a good thing. They’re old and they can start living peacefully. The lesser the jobs they have, the lesser mistakes they’ll make. 13th prince laughs, saying that he didn’t judge her wrongly. He mentions that as people try to climb higher, eventually they only place left to go is bottom.

Rouxi thinks to herself about how Minister Nian will end up and thinks that 13th prince is pretty smart as he could predict what will happen to Minister Nian. (NOTE: Because 4th prince & 13th prince have always been close, they both know that Minister Nian will come to no good end by giving 13th prince the cold shoulder.) 

13th prince asks her how long she and the Emperor intends on fighting. She asks if he’s here to meditate. He tells her that he’s aware of her love for the Emperor and that she can’t stop worrying about 8th prince and the others, however, she should let go of things. He tells her to live more freely and to let go of those things she could.

An eunuch is sent to bring Rouxi back to Yinxin palace. She refuses but the eunuch kneels and Yutan tells her to go back.

The Emperor is doing work and notices Rouxi. Though he didn’t smile widely, he’s clearly happy. Rouxi sits on the chair, ignoring the Emperor. He comes over and sits beside her. She moves a little bit further and he sits closer. He asks if she’s still angry. He tells her that they should be like what 13th prince told them, to get along well. He asks if the heat pouch was useful. She says it’s usable. He asks if she had miss him because he missed her. Rouxi tells him to look for Lady Nian. She recites a Mongolian poem (if i’m right), and the Emperor is surprised she memorized it. She tells him that he loves Mongolian so much (since he bought her Mongolian gifts), of course she’ll end up liking it as well. They started joking around and smiling.

Daylight. Rouxi wakes up and finds a note left by the Emperor by her bedside. She smiles. Rouxi prepares tea with Yutan.

Rouxi sends the tea. 13th prince and the Emperor are discussing work. The Emperor took the tea cup and goes back to work, while 13th prince observes Rouxi and the Emperor. He picks up a pastry Rouxi made and teased the Emperor and Rouxi. The Emperor quickly grabbed a pastry and sit down. He mentions that his shoulder is hurting and 13th prince tells him to see the physician. He refuses, but Rouxi insists and calls the eunuch to call over the physician. The physician arrives and checks the Emperor’s shoulder. He mentions that it’s no big deal, just that something heavy was lying on it when he’s sleeping.

After the physician left, Rouxi feels awkward and embarrassed that she leaves clumsily. 13th prince and the Emperor laughs.



4th prince journey to the Throne

4th prince sure is having it tough as an Emperor. His own mother refused to acknowledge him as as an Emperor and on her deathbed, she even refused him as her son. What can be more hurting than years of deprived love and your own mother telling you she regretted bringing you up?

4th prince and Rouxi

They love and treasure each other a lot, but both have their own thoughts. Rouxi is always thinking of what will happen to the others, while 4th prince cannot give Rouxi anything besides his heart. When they’re together, they’re really cute but when there is a problem, they both have their own worries.



I know that Yutan is a spy sent by 9th prince. I never watched the rest of the episodes, or read the novel so the next thing I’m saying is just guessing. Does Yutan has a crush on one of the prince? I’m speculating that she likes one of the prince, maybe the 9th prince as she ended up a spy for him? I remembered that in the earlier episode, she mentioned about a prince saving her family by giving her money. They never showed the prince’s face, but at that point of time, I thought it was 4th prince who helped her for some other reason. Anyway, I think that she’s either thankful or has a crush on one of the princes and it might be 9th prince who she ended up working for. Well…I’ll know in the next few episodes I guess. 


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