Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 30 Recap

NOTE: There might be some parts which are not written in detailed, or have minor mistakes. I watched the episode with minimal subs, so I might have misunderstand some parts. 

8th prince walks alone and found a shuttlecock (not the badminton one!). He picks it up and is reminded of Rouxi. 8th Fujin arrives and he asks her to accompany him for a walk. 8th Fujin mentions that because of Rouxi, he was able to get away from punishment. He mentions that despite her being in a ‘high’ position (being the Emperor’s woman, despite not having a title), she still remember having friends like them. 8th Fujin mentions that she is afterall, came from their manor. 8th prince says that he would rather she forget about them. He doesn’t want her to be involved in their brothers fight. This time she’s able to help but there won’t be a next time. 8th Fujin asks why don’t he just let go of everything and live peacefully. He answers that even if he wants to, it’s not as easy as said.

10th Fujin comes back for a visit and chats with 8th Fujin. 10th Fujin goes to meet Rouxi.

The Emperor is working and Rouxi visits him. He’s angry as a report was sent to him saying that 9th and 10th prince are causing problems. He tells Rouxi that he doesn’t want to let them go. Rouxi mentions that it’s no use for 8th prince to be so careful as his brothers are causing problems. The Emperor mentions that he doesn’t want them to make use of her.

Rouxi goes back to the laundry department for a visit. The people there are scared of her and tells her that Eunuch Zhang has left the palace. Rouxi knows that her presence is not welcomed there and leaves. She finds it weird that Eunuch Zhang has left the palace and goes to Wang Xi (Eunuch Wang) to try to find out more. As she stood outside his door, she hears him crying. She knocks the door and Wang Xi insist that he wasn’t crying.

Rouxi walks in to find an incense burning. She asks him who is he burning it for angrily. He lies that it is his family member. Rouxi tells him in tears that all the desserts on the table is Eunuch Li’s favorite. She asks him what happened and he says that he committed suicide by poison. Rouxi is shaken and upset. She finds out that Eunuch Zhang was severely punished before being thrown out of the palace. She leaves, thinking that she should be more careful as the people she’s close to might be in trouble because of her.

Rouxi lies on her bed, thinking. She quickly pretends to sleep when the emperor arrives. The Emperor sits beside her and asks her to chat with him. He asks a few questions and leaves to do his work. Rouxi thinks to herself that she has learnt to be more careful with her replies, and that she’s starting to be scared of the emperor.

The Emperor’s son (3rd prince – probably his third son) asks the Emperor to bring back 8th prince and the rest to the court to help him and make Qing prosper. The Emperor is enraged and chase his son out after finding out who told him to say such stuff (9th prince).

The Emperor’s son (3th prince) talks briefly to Yutan before leaving when Rouxi arrives.

The Emperor is working and Lady Nian arrives. He lets her sit beside him and she talks about her brother. The Emperor listens as he looks at the characters he drew on paper.

13th prince and the Emperor is talking about Minister Nian, while Rouxi and Yutan is serving them. The Emperor notices Yutan acting weirdly.

Cheng Huan comes to visit Rouxi and tells her about someone being punished. It sounds like a joke at first, until Rouxi realises that someone close to her was being punished. She dashes out despite an eunuch telling her not to go.

Rouxi saw a big pot with someone being punished inside (steamed/boiled alive). She thinks that it’s Wang Xi but saw that he was there watching. She shouts at the eunuch to tell her who is it and is shocked to find out it’s Yutan. She faints.

Rouxi is ill and keep mentioning Yutan’s name. The Emperor is tending to her. Rouxi wakes up and asks him to go away. She’s angry and upset. He tells her that she’s 2 months pregnant and to take care of her health. She’s so upset with him that she tells him that she hates him and pushes his hand away. The emperor leaves and Rouxi cries uncontrollably.

13th prince visits the Emperor and asks why is he worried. He mentions that Rouxi is pregnant. 13th prince mentions that he should be happy instead. The Emperor tells him about Rouxi being upset at him because of Yutan. 13th prince asks what did Yutan do again to make him angry, after he let her off several times in the past. He mentions that she was involved in matter which caused his son to tell him to bring 8th prince back to court. 13th prince tells him that he’ll help him talk to her.

Rouxi sits and pray. She remembers of her time with Yutan and how they became sisters. She’s upset that despite the Emperor’s love for her, he didn’t let her close one go. She faints.

Rouxi calls for Wang Xi. Wang Xi is careful around Rouxi because there might be people outside. Rouxi asks how was Yutan on that day. He mentions that she didn’t say much and just smiled. He shows her that she left her a letter. After Wang Xi leaves, Rouxi reads the letter. She wonders aloud that Yutan once mentioned that she didn’t know how to read or write. Rouxi holds the letter while asking how many things did Yutan actually hide from her.

13th prince visits Rouxi. He tells her to take care of her health unless she doesn’t want the baby. She tells him that she’ll try her best. 13th prince tells Rouxi about Yutan being a spy for 9th prince and that the Emperor has let her go several times, thinking of Rouxi. He even asks Yutan to leave the palace (for marriage), but she didn’t change. Rouxi listens but is not angry. She wonders about Yutan’s relationship with 9th prince. 13th prince tells Rouxi not to blame herself or the Emperor. Rouxi avoids listening any longer.

Rouxi walks alone and talks to her baby in her tummy, apologizing for not letting the baby see the father. She comes across the scene of the Emperor scolding the 9th and 8th prince.

8th and 9th prince steps out. Rouxi greets them, but 9th prince sneers at her, saying that he doesn’t dare to accept her greetings as she’s now considered the Emperor’s woman. Rouxi tells 8th prince that she has something to say to 9th prince.


Yutan, being a spy, wasn’t a surprise because I’ve heard about it before this episode. I always thought that their friendship was genuine and I still don’t doubt it.

Rouxi is finally realizing something. She knew from the start that 4th prince is cruel. She knew he gives out harsh punishment, that’s why she was always cautious of him from the very  beginning. However, as she falls in love with him, she temporarily forgot about that fact. She thought that the Emperor’s love for her will make him think of her, thus not hurt the people around her so harshly. However, she realised that she was wrong.

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