Tree With Deep Roots Ep 2 Recap

Ddol Bok cries as he hugs his father. The guards tries to take away Seok Sam’s body, but Ddol Bok prevents them from touching him. They began to beat up Ddol Bok, and the other slaves started beating up the guards. While fighting, the guards drops the keys and the slaves run away.

The other officers arrive and began to kill everyone who is trying to escape. Ddol Bok, Dan and her father managed to get near a wall. Dan’s father helps the kids up but ends up being pierced by a sword from the back. Ddol Bok goes back down and tells Dan to run away. Ddol Bok calls out to Dan’s father and he tells him to take care of Dan for him.

The Queen and The King both visit the Investigation Bureau (they went separately). They were shocked by the scene. The Queen saw Dan escaping and hides her under her skirt. The King saw Ddol Bok running in his directions and remembered the past. Ddol Bok bangs into the King and runs away. The King tells Mu Yeol to save that child.

Mu Yeol and the King hides Ddol Bok. However, the former King witnesses this scene and orders the guards to kill the child. The King tells everyone not to move and the former King fights back by insisting they kill the child. The King draws out his sword and asks his father to kill him first. He saved a traitor’s slave and mentioned a traitor’s name, so he should be killed just like his uncles and other family.

The former King picks up the sword and holds it at the King’s neck. The King orders Mu Yeol to kill the person who murdered him right away, as his last comment. He should be uploading justice and doing his responsibility. Mu Yeol draws out his sword and points it to the former King. The rest of the troops draw out the sword, pointing at Mu Yeol. The former King leaves.

The King stands behind Ddol Bok as he is trying to find out who was behind the whole thing by beating up a guard. He hears Ddol Bok sneering at him (though Ddol Bok doesn’t notices him) and stops Mu Yeol from disturbing him. Ddol Bok insults the King  as even his father who is a retard went out to save him, but the King doesn’t do anything and orders them killed for a great cause. He mentions that it’s all bullshit.

Mu Yeol knocks Ddol Bok out and the King insist on saving him. He considers Ddol Bok his very first subject as he is the very first person he had saved as a King.

Ddol Bok wakes up to find himself in an unfamiliar place. He is in Bancheon, a place for slaves where even troops can’t enter without a Royal Command. The female chief greets him and brings him to the doctor.

The former King orders all troops, soldiers  and eunuch to gather at his place. The King hears of this and takes the Royal Seal, Royal Sword and the Omaepae (token from the King to give a subject in case of any situation). The former King orders someone to deliver an empty meal box to the King.

The Queen asks the King if what she’s thinking is about to happen. He nods. He says that he’s going to give up and the Queen cries. He asks if she finds it a pity and wipes her tears away. Lee Sin Jeok arrives.

The King, Queen and Lee Sin Jeok are shocked by the empty meal box (it means asking the King to commit suicide). 

Two slaves from Bancheon is secretly doing something but gets caught. Ddol Bok is tied up as well and brought in front of the female chief. She orders the two slaves to be killed and asks Ddol Bok for his name. He refuses to answer her unless she answers him who brought him there in the first place.

The other slaves and the female chief are surprised by Ddol Bok’s arrogance and refusal to admit defeat. Even when someone holds a knife on his neck and he peed in his pants, he still refuses to back down. The female chief lets him go for the moment and thinks of what Mu Yeol mentioned to her. Mu Yeol had told her to make him curb his arrogance and make him obedient, if she cannot do so, she can kill him.

Mu Yeol arrives and tells the King to ask his father for forgiveness. The King looks at the empty meal box and looks at his magic square and thought of something. He start trying to solve the magic square. He found a pattern and asks everyone to help him. The calculations matches up and he solved the 33 magic square box.

The King goes to where the former King is. He opens the door to find archers aiming at his direction (not exactly at him, there are dartboards which happens to be in his direction. Thus if not careful, the arrow might hit him). The archers doesn’t release the arrows. The former king steps up and orders them to shoot. The archers shoot and the King keeps on walking forward.


I’m liking this drama so far and I really like Song Joong Ki’s portrayal of the young, timid King who wishes to do something but has no power to do so. Personally, I wish that Song Joong Ki will just stay! HAHA~~ 🙂 Too bad, by the next episode, we would have the older version of him already. 😦

I like the conflict between the former King and the current King and I hoped that it would have lasted longer. Too bad the drama is actually not about that but about Ddol Bok’s revenge against the King, and a series of murder.

Anyway, despite that, I hope that the future episodes remain as quick-pace and as interesting as the first two episodes!


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