The Friendship To Envy: 13th Prince & Rouxi

Bu Bu Jing Xin is an awesome drama which touches on a lot of things like history, bromance, romance, etc. One of my favourite things was the friendship between 13th prince and Rouxi.

Their friendship is a friendship that everyone should envy. One that is selfless, truthful and doesn’t have any ties attached to it.

As I was watching BBJX, I always thought to myself, how nice it would be if they like each other in a romantic way. It would have been prefect. They would have made such a cute couple. It’s just as if, you know, those people you would think they would end up great together, but they just won’t because they don’t have that special feelings towards each other.

Now let’s ride the journey with them…

The day they first met as Rouxi was trying to go back to her present life.

Rouxi probably caught 13th prince’s eye at their first meeting as someone who is different from the ordinary as her actions, words and behavior differs from the norm.

And they met again at 10th prince b’day party. Rouxi who had arranged a special event for 10th prince was interrupted by 13th and 14th prince, and left only to end up fighting with Mingyue. The fight ended up with both girls falling inside the lake and 13th & 14th prince saved them.

It’s this incident which gained her the nickname, “13th death-seeking sister” and even made her name famous within the palace, that even the Emperor heard of it.

It’s probably that night which made them grew closer. The night on 10th prince wedding, where Rouxi bumped into 13th prince drinking alone. Of course, 13th prince had misunderstood, thinking that Rouxi was upset because she liked 10th prince.

That night Rouxi had revealed everything to 13th prince. To Rouxi, it was amazing how she was caught in the Qing Dynasty and even ended up drinking with him, who used to only be a name in history books. 13th prince listens as Rouxi, in her drunken state, had mentioned about how she’s from the future and ranting things that doesn’t make sense at all.

(they really would have made a cute couple!)

Of course, 13th prince couldn’t let go of Rouxi after that drunken incident and teased her by telling 14th prince about her talk on democracy and etc.

One of my favourite pics 🙂

The night when 13th prince, Rouxi & Luwu drank together. That night, their friendship deepened as they find similar topics to talk about and like the same things.

To me, 13th prince & Rouxi’s friendship was the most beautiful relationship in the drama itself. A friendship which started off from nothing, but was so meaningful and special. It’s a friendship that not everyone is blessed with even if they live a 100 years.

(HAHA! 13th prince knew he had no good excuse when he didn’t teach Rouxi horse-riding the second time)

And…13th prince always happens to be there when she’s having a difficult time.

Their friendship was so strong that they believed each other no matter what or in whatever circumstances. They don’t need to hear a reason, they just believe in each other. Because they believe in each other, they don’t need to hide anything or lie to each other.

Because their friendship was so precious to Rouxi, it’s inevitable that she finds it a pity for him to be born inside the royal family and be locked up for 10 years for a fault which was not his.

Their last drink together before he was locked up was the saddest moment ever. Rouxi hears him talk about how he wishes to be free one day and just riding his horse around the world, and at the same time she’s holding back tears because she knows that he’s going to be locked up and has that very dream shattered.


Their friendship throughout the show was something that was perfect, free from misunderstandings, anger or jealously towards each other. It was selfless. There was nothing to gain from each other.

They never questioned each other and they don’t need to know or hear a reason for anything, simply because they trust each other.

Rouxi and 13th prince were alike in so many ways. To 13th prince, Rouxi is like a breathe of fresh air. Someone who is different from the norm and shares the same thoughts as him and dares to say it aloud. To Rouxi, 13th prince was someone just like herself. Someone who is so similar to the people from her time and shares her same views. It was as if both of them found themselves in each other.

To Rouxi, it must have been a really unbearable thing to see her close friend being robbed of his freedom, for his love towards his brother, but can do nothing to stop it. Knowing his ending was something which was cruel to Rouxi because his outcome was the first to have hit her hard.

(NOTE: She’s is aware of everyone’s ending, but it was 13th prince being locked up which was the first outcome which she came across since travelling to the past. She could see history unfolding itself in front of her, but can do nothing to stop it.)

That being said, I wonder how many of you have friendships like this. I’m not afraid to say, but I have none. Everyone is busy with their own lives that hardly anyone has time to stop and think about small little precious things like this. We have friends, of course, but our friendship isn’t as strong or as selfless as theirs.

Their friendship is a rare kind which not everyone is blessed with. If any of you have a friendship like that, treasure it with your life. 

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