Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 33 Recap


Rouxi reveals everything to the Emperor and 13th prince. The Emperor is livid and asks her to leave. He orders everyone to get out angrily. 13th prince walks side by side with Rouxi, watching her walk a step at a time. She stumbles and faints.

Rouxi dreams of Qiao Hui calling her to come back. She tells herself that she no longer have anything. There’s no sister, no Yutan, no baby, no friend and no 4th prince. She open her eyes to find 13th prince sitting by her bedside. 13th prince asks her why is she so silly and put the blame on herself. If he has to hate someone, he hate destiny which made a fool out of them. He tells her to promise him not to give up and that she’s not supposed to give up. Rouxi cries in happiness and tells him that she’s really happy. He tells her that he is happy too.

Rouxi holds 13th prince hands, and write something on his palm. 13th prince asks if she have something to pass on to 14th prince. She shows him the handsign “ok”, and tells him to tell 14th prince, “I do” (or I agree or I’m willing – whatever you think suits you best). 13th prince doesn’t understand but doesn’t question Rouxi further. He agrees to pass on the message if she promises not to give up. 

14th prince is surprised to hear the reply from Rouxi. 13th prince is curious, and 14th prince tells him that it’s for Rouxi’s good and that he shouldn’t question it further and just respect her decision.

The Empress (4th prince Di Fujin) visits Emperor and asks him why he tortures himself by not visiting Rouxi for days. He tells her that he is still angry with Rouxi. He doesn’t understand what did he do in the past, for her to give 8th prince a warning about him. The Empress tells him to understand Rouxi. At that time, she wasn’t in love with him yet and she was closer to 8th prince. The Empress tells him to understand her sincerity. He mentions that he does know that she is sincere, but she in order to protect the others, she choose to hurt him. He’s upset that she doesn’t understands him and what he did for her.

Rouxi looks at the sky and tells Qiao Hui that the sky outside is the real sky.

14th prince arrives in court and tells the Emperor to grant him a marriage. The Emperor asks what marriage is he talking about and he reveals that the late Emperor had granted him a marriage to take Rouxi as his Ce Fujin. 13th prince and the Emperor is taken aback. 14th prince reveals the royal edict and the Emperor reads it in despair. He tells 14th prince that he’ll discuss it another day.

13th prince asks Rouxi. Rouxi realised what had just happened. She mentioned that it must have been a reward for him when he won battles. 13th prince tells Rouxi that the Emperor was really shocked at the news. Rouxi asks 13th prince what he thinks the Emperor would do. 13th prince answers that if he could make 8th prince divorce his wife, he could make 14th prince unable to marry Rouxi. Rouxi disagrees, mentioning that it’s a big crime to ignore a royal edict and there would be gossips. If the Emperor can ignore such an edict, he could have just…and 13th prince stops her from saying more.

He asks if it’s really impossible to go back to normal. She mentions that Yutan’s gone, the child is gone, he was locked up for 10 years and since Kangxin’s 51 year of reign, the Emperor has been living cautiously. They can no longer go back to the past.

Rouxi mentioned that she had no idea it was a marriage. She just thought that he had a way to let her leave the palace. If the only way is by this marriage, she doesn’t mind. He asks if she really don’t mind getting married to 14th prince. She tells him that she really wants to leave the palace and 14th prince won’t force her, and that she’ll marry him in name only. 13th prince shakes his head.

13th prince visits the Emperor. The Emperor asks if it was him who informed 14th prince and 13th prince says yes, but he didn’t know it will turn out this way. He asks if Rouxi really cannot live in the palace anymore and 13th prince says that she might really don’t belong here and that she has a mind unlike others. The Emperor is angry and questions is she from a different era. 13th prince is shocked and met eyes with the Emperor.  The Emperor shakes his head in disbelief, saying that it’s impossible and it doesn’t make a difference even if she’s from a different era.

The Empress takes a walk with Rouxi. She asks Rouxi why she couldn’t let go of things and take a step back so that they can live happily after all those hardships. Rouxi says that she does not want to hurt anyone, but will end up harming the person. Even though she can’t bear parting with the Emperor, she still has to do so.

The physician tells Rouxi that she’s gotten better. Rouxi asks how much time does she have left. Slightly more than a year ago, he said she had 10 years. By rights, she should have 8 more years. However, even if she gets well this time, the most number of years she could live is just 3-4 years. She tells the physician not to blame himself as she was a disobedient patient. She asks if the Emperor is aware and he says no. She thanks him.

Qiao Hui is sadden by the news and asks what kind of a place is the palace, making such a healthy person turn out like this.

The Emperor is discussing court issues and asks for 8th prince opinion. He mentions that he has no other opinions, but have something to say, which is a family affair. 13th prince knows what he wants to say. The Emperor asks everyone to leave.

8th prince tells the Emperor that he wants to come clean about his relationship with Rouxi. He reveals that he had fallen for her at first sight, how Rouxi had rejected him at first and it wasn’t until the excursion that she accepted his feelings. He gives the exact details about what they did together, from riding horses, to stargazing, to hugging and kissing. The Emperor is livid. After 8th prince leaves, he throws everything on his table.

The Emperor visits Rouxi. He sits across from Rouxi and both of them just stared at each other. He starts talking by saying that he finally understand why Rouxi could never let 8th prince go. He understand why she had warned 8th prince about him and that when he was kneeling, she accompanied him by kneeling as well.

Rouxi asks if it was 9th prince who told him. He tells her that he wishes it was 9th prince instead, but it’s her dear 8th prince who said it to him, personally and in detailed. He lists down everything which 8th prince and Rouxi did together which sent Rouxi into tears and telling the Emperor to stop. The Emperor tells Rouxi that his heart was saying the same thing (“to stop saying all those”) when 8th prince was telling him, but he could only listen. Those words were like a knife, stabbing him over and over again. It’s true about how words can kill a person. Rouxi listens in tears.

Rouxi wants to wipe away his tears, but the Emperor tosses her hand away, telling her that he’ll never let her touch him again. The Emperor leaves and Rouxi cries uncontrollably.

The Emperor grants 14th prince the marriage.

Rouxi packs everything she needs and gets ready to leave with 13th prince. She leaves behind the rest of her items for Cheng Huan. They leave on a carriage.

The Emperor looks on as the carriage leaves the palace. He holds his ponytail and is reminded of Rouxi. He starts crying.

In the carriage, Rouxi is looking back at the palace. 13th prince tells her to be careful of the wind and she stops looking outside. 13th prince hands her some wine and she drinks it, saying that the night he dragged her out of 10th prince manor was the best thing that ever happened to her. He grabs the wine and drinks, saying that it was also the best thing to him.

8th prince is in front of their carriage. Rouxi goes over to speak to him. Rouxi thanks 8th prince, who says that he has his own motives for doing so. Rouxi mentions that if it wasn’t to fulfill her desires, he wouldn’t have done such a thing. 8th prince tells her that 14th prince will treat her well and tells her to forget about the past. She asks if he has any message for 14th prince, but he says that his end is near and there’s nothing more to say. She tells him to take care of himself and he tells her that since she understands him, she should know that he has no hard feelings toward her. They were not fated in this life, whatever is left, they’ll leave it to the next life.

Rouxi turns to leave and knows that it will be the last time she’ll see him. She turns around and hugs 8th prince tightly, crying. 8th prince taps her back lightly and tells her to forget the palace, them, and everything else. He wipes away her tears, telling her that a bride should look like one, not crying like her. She leaves in tears.

13th prince tells Rouxi that he have always tried to protect her from 9th prince, but little did he thought 8th prince would be the one to reveal everything. He didn’t even said why they broke up to the Emperor and didn’t spare a thought for Rouxi. Rouxi mentions that 8th prince only did so to make the Emperor let go of Rouxi. 13th prince mentions that 8th prince is still the virtuous 8th prince.

13th prince and Rouxi have a drink together and prepares to part. Cheng Huan cries, unable to part with Rouxi. 13th prince and Rouxi hugged each other and wishes each other well. Rouxi leaves in her carriage as Cheng Huan cries on after her, and she cries inside.


This was a SAD, SAD, SAD, EPISODE which sent me CRYING for so long!

I feel so sad for everyone, 4th prince, 8th prince and Rouxi.

4th prince hardly recovered from the shocked when Rouxi revealed she was the trigger for everything, and he is faced with her marriage and to make it even worse, he finds out about her relationship with 8th prince. He has every right to be angry and it’s sad that he misunderstood, but it’s hard not to misunderstand. He loves her so much that everything which happened caused him so much heartbreak. Just like how he accompanied her in the rain, he must have misunderstood that Rouxi did a similar thing for 8th prince (though she’s doing it as a friend). He’s angry, upset, disappointed and have no words to describe his feelings.

8th prince reveals the truth to 4th prince to make him let go of Rouxi. Though he has his own hatred towards 4th prince, he would never have done that if it wasn’t Rouxi who wanted to leave. He never once wanted woman to be involve in any battles or fights amongst them, so he couldn’t have used Rouxi to get back at the Emperor. He only revealed the truth in a bid to protect Rouxi and helped her leave the palace.

I cried buckets when Rouxi turned back and hugged 8th prince. It was so so SAD! She knew that it would be the last time she’s seeing him. His ending is near and she just feels so sad and helpless. Imagine you’re meeting someone you’re close to for the last time and who you know you’ll never meet again in future. It is just so difficult for Rouxi.

13th prince is just as sad as Rouxi leaves. They’ve been friends, very close friends, who understand and trust each other. To both of them, meeting each other and having each other as friends was the best thing ever. I think so too. Compared to the love she found with both 8th prince and 4th prince, the friendship she found with 13th prince was much more precious, as meeting someone who could completely understands you and knows you is so rare.

Lastly, when the Emperor mentions that Rouxi was not from their era, he met eyes with 13th prince. It’s something which 13th prince heard from Rouxi first (during their first drinking session). Though it’s not being said, I think both princes are aware that she’s different. Both of them must have known and felt that it’s impossible, but a part of them must have felt that there is some truth in it.

The Emperor is a smart man. After hearing Rouxi revealed that she’s not from the same era, he could have connected the dots. Why she was so careful of him since they first met, why she always gave him favourite things, why she warned 8th prince about him way before he started his moves. He would have suspected that what she said might be real, but he’s fighting with his own logic, that such a thing should be impossible. However, there must have been a part of him and 13th prince which believed that what she is saying might be true.

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