On A Break…

Hi People!

After finishing up BBJX, I’m currently in no mood to watch a lot of dramas. HAHA. I just miss watching BBJX. 😦

Anyway, I won’t be updating for quite a while (maybe a week or so), until I got my drive back to continue watching all the dramas again.

Just to let you know, I will NOT be recapping Poseidon anymore because I kind of lost interest in it. However, I might do scene recaps if it gathers my interest.

In case you’re wondering, I won’t be doing recaps or blogging about the newer dramas like Man of Honor and Thousand Day Promise. Both dramas have yet to win me over, and I probably won’t watch it.

What I’ll be doing is…talking more about BBJX, and blogging about some other great Chinese historical dramas, possible a discussion on Birdie Buddy, Ojakgyo Brothers Recap and some other stuff.

Till Then, Have fun 🙂

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