BBJX, The Arc of Character: 4th prince, Yinzhen

After discussing about the character, Rouxi, it’s time to discuss about the character, 4th prince Yinzhen. His character didn’t have a lot of scenes in the first few episodes (as the first few episodes focused on developing Rouxi’s relationship with the other princes), but subsequently he become the male lead of the drama.

4th prince character is such that, you can’t decide to blame him or forgive him. For me personally, I love his character a lot and I don’t blame him for his extreme ways.

Let’s take a look at his character’s development throughout the story…

4th prince entered the drama as a fierce, calm and collected guy. He’s a man of a few words, but is constantly thinking. He’s observant, intelligent and patient. He never loses his temper or show his inner feelings. He’s rationally in his thinking.

However, despite all of those great qualities, there is one person that he cannot remain as the cool guy that he is. That person is Rouxi.

He first met Rouxi at the streets where she first arrived in Qing Dynasty and was trying to find her boyfriend (from the modern times). They met again at the streets when she tried to get run over a horse.

Being the intelligent man that he is, he quickly recognizes that Rouxi wasn’t just running around, but was purposely trying to get run down by a horse. I would say that his curiosity is aroused, as a girl unlike no other, is doing such a daring act. Not to mention that Rouxi wasn’t very controlled when she first came, she was straight-forward and didn’t really observe all etiquette (she’s close to the princes, but if we look at her earlier behaviors, she may come across as a little rude to the princes).

For any other issues, not involving Rouxi, 4th prince always remained calm and rational.

His character is really interesting because we viewers are always debating on whether his actions are justified.

His character changed from a 100% rational, calm, intelligent, patient guy to someone who slowly opens up and show his feelings more.

Near the end episodes, we can see a completely different 4th prince from the start. The ice-block 4th prince, cried a couple of times, loses his temper and his rationality, all because of his love towards Rouxi.

Even when 13th prince, his closest brother and friend, was locked up, he remained rational and calm, despite being angry and upset.

However, he slowly started to change regarding to matters involving Rouxi. He loses his temper when Rouxi kneel at the temple while 8th prince was receiving his punishment. He loses his rationality when 8th prince reveals his relationship with Rouxi and when Rouxi got along well with 14th prince.

Do you think his character is a villain for his extreme ways?

I don’t think so. He’s harsh in dealing with people because he believes it is right, and the perfect way to show to others not to do the same thing.

As for handing down the punishment for Yutan, he didn’t think far enough of Rouxi’s feelings. He has always been a deep thinker, and someone who will think of all the details of what will happen if he takes a certain action. However, as his love for Rouxi grew, he failed to think of things in her perspective, which was the very cause of her leaving him.

I do think that killing off Yutan was a bit too much and extreme but I still don’t blame him. He failed as a lover, but he did right as an emperor.

Balancing his position as an emperor and a lover is not by all means easy, and it might be the hardest thing for him, even more so, than his plans of getting the throne.

However, he did try to be a good lover, giving gifts and showering Rouxi with lots of love.

Anyway, 4th prince character was a character which was perfect from the beginning but slowly starts to loses his perfect-ness after falling for Rouxi. From a calm and patient man, he became impulsive and quickly loses his temper.

It was an interesting character and one of my favourite characters in the drama (I believe it’s the same for most people). I do wish to see a similar character (as in other future drama characters having the same traits as his character) in other dramas! It creates conflict in us viewers, which is one of the things which makes the show enjoyable.

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