Bu Bu Jing Xin: The Tearful Goodbyes…

It’s time for another BBJX post 🙂

This time, it’s the topic of the tearful goodbyes. There are so many goodbye scenes in BBJX which sent most of us crying and bawling our eyes out. Which scene touches you most, and which goodbye left you with the most tears and heartbroken?

(NOTE: Pardon me if the pictures are not clear. It is clear on my laptop and when I’m writing the post, but somehow after publishing the post, it’s not so clear anymore. WEIRD. It was fine a few days ago…) – Open the image on a new tab, and it’s the clearer picture. I think my file size is too big~~

The first goodbye in BBJX was when Rouxi asked 8th prince to make a decision between her and the throne. 8th prince was shocked and surprised that she actually brought out such a topic. He realised that all those things she did in the past few days was to convince him to give up the throne. Of course, he couldn’t understand her stand and he couldn’t accept it.

Even after returning to the palace, 8th prince couldn’t accept Rouxi asking him to make such a decision and keeping him at a distance. Rouxi asks for a second opinion, Roulan, who mentions that even if it’s the man she loves, she doesn’t mind him having another wife if it’s going to be a good thing for him. Rouxi knows that even the other woman (8th De’Fujin) has the same thoughts as Roulan. Rouxi is upset that she can’t do the same as them and she doubts herself and her love.

Eventually, they broke up. 8th prince can’t give up the throne, and Rouxi can’t be with a man who she knows she’ll eventually end up going down with.

The next goodbye scene was Rouxi’s and 13th prince last night drinking together before he was punished and before everything changes. Rouxi is aware that his days of being confined is near, and she’s upset that such a good and innocent friend will be granted a punishment worst than death.

With the confinement of 13th prince and the suspicion going on, 4th prince & Rouxi eventually have to stop meeting each other and stop their plans of marriage. Rouxi doesn’t blame 4th prince for his decision because she knows that they have no other choice. If they continue meeting each other, they would have eventually come to no good end, including 13th prince.

It was the first heartbreak of the couple, who had to separate unwillingly. This separation had a  huge contrast to their final separation. This separation showed how much they loved each other and 13th prince. The final separation was full of mixed feelings, not just love. This separation had a mutual understanding between them, with no hard feelings on both sides.

Their last separation, however, had a lot of mixed emotions going on. Rouxi was angry at 4th prince, yet loved him so much. 4th prince loved Rouxi so much, but he couldn’t accept that she have kept her past relationship with 8th prince for so long. He couldn’t trust her and is angry at her.

What makes this break up so sad is that it is actually their last exchange with each other before being separated for life. Their very last moments with each other was spent in such a way, with so many hurtful words and emotions involved. It’s sad that they couldn’t have a good nice moment before her death. 4th prince probably felt so pained with her death not just because he loved her a lot, but also because the last thing he said to her were hurtful words and they never had the time to say goodbye.

And…those were the last time they saw each other and so close to each other…..

And the final goodbyes……

The final goodbye of Rouxi to 8th prince. 8th prince had told her to forget about everything, about them, 4th prince and everything else. Rouxi was about to leave, but she knows it will be the last time she’ll see him, so she turns around and gives him a tearful hug. It was such a sad scene which left me crying for so long 😦 Her feelings for 8th prince aren’t as simple. She had an affection for him, for his gentleman ways and his thoughtfulness. To be honest, he’s really good towards ladies or rather people around him. She likes him, a lot in fact, but is just sad and regretful that there is no way for her to stop his ultimate ending in history.

Rouxi’s final moment with her best friend, and the person she’s most thankful for in her life. Neither would have expected that it would be their last time together, though they know that they won’t be seeing each other for a long while.

Rouxi’s final goodbye to the World and 14th prince by her side. I’ve read articles saying that 14th prince was also in love with Rouxi, but held back because of 8th prince. For me personally, I don’t think they showed that enough, but fair enough, he does show a lot of concern for her. Though he can be sweet and kind, he can also act harshly towards her (he fought with her when she was in crutches regarding 8th prince in earlier episodes). This situation can be considered something good for 14th prince (not Rouxi dying, but him being by her side when she died!). He was not there when both his father and mother died, so at least he was by Rouxi’s bedside when she died.

The shocked, feeling of disbelief, regrets and despair….

And accepting the final goodbye and departure of Rouxi…


So which was your favourite goodbye scene…? For me personally, I thought Rouxi’s final goodbye to 8th prince when she left the palace was the saddest. I’m not sure why, but I really cried a lot at that scene.

It’s like…you know it’s the last time you’re seeing a close acquaintance, and you know he’s going to die. It’s just a heartbreaking moment. She’s thankful to him for everything, and no matter how you deny it, he’s the first person she leaned on to. It’s just a sad moment where she hugged him for the last time 😦

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2 thoughts on “Bu Bu Jing Xin: The Tearful Goodbyes…

  1. I love your BBJX posts…thank you so much for posting them. IMO, I teared up the most during Ruo Xi’s last goodbye with 13th prince, especially knowing that it’ll be the last time they ever see each other. Plus Cheng Huan begging for her Gu gu not to leave in that scene made it even sadder.
    2nd one would be Yong Zheng watching Ruo Xi leave the palace from afar and the third would be Ruo Xi dying in 14th’s arms.

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂
      I love all their goodbye scenes as well~~~ it’s just so sad and touching….that’s why the drama is AWESOME 🙂

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