Movie: Paradise Kiss

I was waiting for this movie ever since I heard about it 🙂

However, there are some who thinks that the movie is a disappointment. For me, I think it’s an awesome movie. I never read the manga, so the storyline & characters are all new to me.

For the movie itself, I find it a very pretty movie and I actually like it a lot. I’m a HUGE FAN of Mukai Osamu, so I really loved him in the movie. He’s just CHARMING & HOT!!! The storyline is good, though there is some flaws here and there, but it’s a really nice, pretty movie to watch.

Maybe those who read the manga will disagree with me, but hey, not everyone read the manga…so those who didn’t would probably enjoy the movie for what it is, a movie.

For a movie, it scored. For a movie adaption of the manga, it might have disappointed the manga fans.

*Please note that I never read the manga, so I’m watching the movie for what it is, a movie. I’m judging the movie also based on what I watched.

What I loved…

Mukai Osamu 🙂 He’s just charming in the movie!!!

The story is very easy to follow, light-hearted and just pretty 🙂

What I didn’t like…

The way the main actress modeled. It looks like she overdid it?

The story focused a lot on the storyline, so the characters’ are not that “strong”. As in, the characterization are 2-dimensional and wasn’t able to “flesh out” more. In other words, we can’t really connect to the characters completely and their situation.

However, as it is a movie, there is just that much that you could do. You don’t expect a 2 hour movie to have everything, right? 

Overall, I would give it a 4/5. It’s a nice movie, really. Whether or not, it was a good adaption of the manga, I don’t know for sure.

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