If Tomorrow Comes Episode 1 & 2 Impressions

If Tomorrow Comes is a new weekend drama which captured my attention with their two leads, Seo Woo (Flames of Desire, Tamra Island, Cinderella Sister) and Ha Suk Jin (Once upon a time in Saeng Cho Ri).

I love both of them individually, and I love it even more that they’re paired together. I find Seo Woo’s acting really good and under-rated actually. I thought she did really well in Flames of Desire and Tamra Island, though Cinderella Sister didn’t do her acting any justice. As for Ha Suk Jin, I think he’s great eye candy and I find his acting not bad as well.

Anyway, I watched the first two episode of the drama and I thought I’ll just share my impressions on it as well as introduce some of the main characters.

It’s also interesting that a 50 episode drama started with both leads already in a relationship with each other. However, they’re on a brink of breaking up due to family differences. It would be interesting to see how they end up together again.

Just for your information, the drama is about a relationship of mother and daughter, which I’m guessing that will start getting rough when Seo Woo breaks up with Suk Jin.

We start off with a young girl in the middle of the forest who bumps into devils (or whatever that is supposed to be~~ HAHA!). She faints and her grandmother found her much later. She is Son Jung In (Go Doo Shim), mother of Yoon Eun Chae (Seo Woo). Jung In had promised her grandmother to buy a lot of things when she gets money, but her grandmother passed away before she grew up. Now, she is a successful businesswoman, with a weird personality (at least to me, it’s weird.) There’s one thing though…..I think she has a special skill of hearing people from a distance. Either that, or she knows how to lip-read. WEIRD…but interesting.

Son Jung In’s husband seems like a calm man, who doesn’t have such a hot temper like his wife. We can say he’s more humane.

And the person who is by the couple’s side is Kim Soon Jung (Kim Hye Sun), the secretary of Son Jung In. We don’t have so much details in two episodes, but we can roughly guess that her relationship with Yoon Won Sub (Jung In’s husband) isn’t so simple. They either are already in an affair or are going to be in an affair.

Let’s meet Yoon Eun Chae, a student who’s studying design or architecture (something like that). No, No…she’s not always looking like that! HAHA 🙂 It’s just that she didn’t sleep doing her stuff…

And our…eye candy! Lee Young Gyoon enters the scene while doing some plumbing work for his family’s restaurant. He has an appointment with Eun Chae to meet her family for the first time, and was in a rush.

Too bad he didn’t saw the clothes Eun Chae delivered to his house, and ended up wearing that same shirt as he was rushing.

Next…let’s meet, Lee Il Bong, who is Young Gyoon’s brother who has been kicked out of house. He sneaked back inside the house to get some food, and ended up accepting the packages Eun Chae sent to Young Gyoon. (That’s why Young Gyoon never saw the clothes she sent him)

Anyway, Young Gyoon ended up wearing the same shirt and Eun Chae was disappointed that he didn’t spare a thought for her and giving a bad first impression. They fought in an elevator, and Young Gyoon leaves pissed and Eun Chae upset.

While the couple is having a cold war, we get a glimpse of how they first met and it was not exactly love at first sight, but it was more of an attraction at first sight. They way they exchanged numbers was really cute 🙂

Eun Chae breaks the ice first by looking for him at his company. They apologized to each other and is back on good terms. Eun Chae invites him to her parent’s anniversary for a second chance to introduce him.

However, things don’t always go as plan. Jung In invites Eun Chae’s ex-boyfriends and introduces them to Young Gyoon. Eun Chae knows that Young Gyoon is upset, but he smiles to put off her guilt.

They sat silently in the same table as her three other ex-boyfriends, before she is being called aside by Jung In to take family pictures. Young Gyoon sat throughout the event, alone, and awkwardly. Eun Chae feels guilty.

Young Gyoon decides to leave and Eun Chae asks him what is wrong (despite knowing it). He mentions that it’s awkward and that they might have started wrongly. (He had no idea that she was THAT RICH with such an SNOBBISH mother.)

Eun Chae is upset and drags him to the small stage.

and she asks him to purpose to her…he is surprised of course, and she’s nervous…and…

…she gives him a KISS!!!

HAHA 🙂 Everyone is shocked!


I find the first two episodes interesting, but whether or not it’s worth watching, I would have to wait and see. It’s worth a look, but because it’s 50 episode long, I’m not sure if the pace will start to pick up, or some interesting things will pop up. There were some interesting elements, but I don’t want a full makjang, because that’s boring.

I like it how the couple were already in love and their love is actually being tested on right now. I’m not sure how they’re going to make things interesting for 50 episodes for the couple, but I’ll still watch to keep an eye on the couple 🙂

The winning point? 

At least the couple are aware of the situation. Both are aware that their relationship is getting shaky because of the family differences.

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