Check These Out: 2011 K-Dramas Worth Mentioning

Since the year is quickly coming to end, I just thought that I’ll do a write up on the k-dramas which aired this year, which were the hits and which were the misses for me. It’s fun doing this kind of posts because it allows me to re-visit the dramas which I’ve watched.

You might want to check out the dramas which I find is good, if you’ve never watched it 🙂

*NOTE: As cable dramas only gained popularity much later this year, I won’t include the cable dramas earlier which I’ve never watched or come across.

These is the list of drama which aired in 2011 so far (took from Wikipedia), and there should be some dramas missing. However, most of the dramas are here. I bold the titles of dramas which I’ve watched or at least attempted to watch.

NOTE: These dramas have ALREADY FINISHED AIRING or already IN THE MIDDLE of airing, so dramas which are pretty new are not included.

Marry Me Mary , My Princess, Dream High, Paradise Farm, The Duo, Crime Squad, Midas, Thorn Birds, Royal Family, 49 Days, Can You Hear My Heart, Baby-faced Beauty, Romance Town, City Hunter, Miss Ripley, Lie To Me, Heartstrings, The Greatest Love, Myungwol The Spy, The Princess’ Man, Protect the Boss, Can’t Lose, Hooray For Love, A Thousand Kisses, Poseidon, My Bittersweet Life, Ojakgyo Brothers, Miss Ajumma, Warrior Baek Dong Soo.

(OMG. I can’t believe I watched so many~~ and it doesn’t even include cable dramas which I watched!)

Let’s start off with the ones I didn’t watched till the end, either because i lost interest or some other reasons.

I totally can’t STAND THIS Drama:

Lie To Me

From beginning till end…it’s just…bleh~~~ I watched it hoping it will get better…but it got worse.

Dramas which started off GREAT but….didn’t make it through till the end:

Marry Me Mary (Mary Stayed Out All Night)

I was so confident that it would be a great drama as it had such strong lead casts like Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk. The first few episodes were great…and then…it turned….nonsensical. I had no idea what they were doing with the story seriously, and it was such a waste for MGY and JGS who were good in their acting nonetheless. It’s popular in Japan though…weird.

My Princess

I thought that it would be average, but it surprised me in the first few episodes. It was interesting, refreshing and funny. It would have been AWESOME if….it didn’t sizzle away halfway through. The first half was light and interesting, but the second half didn’t manage to do the same.

Heartstrings (You’ve Fallen For Me)

It was good up till episode 5 or 6. It was refreshing and I liked the earlier episodes before they changed writers. Despite the low ratings, I thought it was really refreshing, but then it became like every other drama and turned…boring for me.

Myung Wol The Spy

Started off good…and turned into a messy roller-coaster. No need for long words…

Warrior Baek Dong Soo

I really had SUPER HIGH EXPECTATIONS for this, and I watched it almost till the end…but it just frustrates me more and more as I kept watching. I was WAITING for Yeo Un & Baek Dong Soo to really turn into enemies but they never did and I really felt like slapping the screen every time the drama disappointed me. It really had potential to be an awesome saguek…haizzzzz  😦

Protect The Boss

Similar to My Princess in the sense that it started off light and refreshing and turned into moody in the second half of the drama.

Dramas which I neither love or hate… it’s just your average fair:

Paradise Farm, Crime Squad, Midas, Thorn Birds, Royal Family, Romance Town, Hooray for Love, Poseidon, Miss Ripley, Thousand Kisses

I didn’t hate these dramas, but I didn’t love it either. It’s one of those average dramas that you either can watch till the end or not watch at all.

Dramas worth mentioning:

Dream High

It was a nice, high-school drama despite it being lacking in terms of acting. I’m a huge fan of Kim Soo Hyun and I really hated the fact that they didn’t give him enough screen time in the earlier episodes. Overall, it was a nice drama 🙂

Baby-faced Beauty

I find this drama very light and refreshing. It’s not your fast-paced, solid writing kind of drama, but it was a nice drama to watch for me to take a break from all other intense written drama.

City Hunter

I didn’t really like the first two episodes, but strangely, the story got better at each episode and I liked it overall. It was a good one, and I would gladly watch it again a second time.

Dramas I’ll Recommend..and you should watch:

49 Days

I loved this drama to bits!!! It had a different storyline and such interesting characters that you can’t afford to miss watching this! I believe this drama left quite an effect on everyone who watched it, and also took some of the actors one notch further in their popularity, especially Jung Il Woo 🙂

The Best Love (Greatest Love)

I really ADORE this drama!!! It’s funny and…FUNNY and just enjoyable to watch! I loved every character inside, and despite the exaggerated acting by Cha Seung Won for his character Dokko Jin, it contributed a lot in terms of the drama being funny. NICE ONE 🙂

Princess’ Man

*My previous post has my comments on it, so I will not re-comment.

Can You Hear My Heart

This drama is a perfectly balanced drama which doesn’t overdo the melodrama. I loved the storyline, the characters and …yeah..the drama 🙂 I cried a lot while watching this, and I really LOVE the drama. The soundtrack is great as well 🙂

Ojakgyo Brothers

This drama haven’t finished airing yet, but it’s already more than halfway through. It’s a weekend drama, which means 50 episodes (more or less). I like this drama a lot because every episode is interesting and it never made my interest died down. It took time to build each character and it really paid off because I like watching each of the characters growing and the story slowly unfolding.

So those are my comments and recommendations.

These are just my personal comments, so if i hate a drama you love, please excuse me for that.

Till next time 🙂

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