Check These Out: Sagueks Worth A Mention

Historical Dramas are one of my favourite genres to watch, and I just thought I’ll share a post on some of the really worth watching Sagueks in these recent years. With a lot of Sagueks appearing in the drama scene recently, let’s just take a look at some of the Sagueks which is worth a mention.

I’ve heard about Jumong and how awesome it was, but I never got to see it beyond episode 2. It’s hard finding a HD or at least a good quality of the drama (besides DVD) online. So I won’t be commenting on this drama.

I never watched ALL the Sagueks which aired obviously, but I did watched quite a number of them.

Now…let’s see some of the Sagueks which is a MUST WATCH for Saguek Lovers…

Queen Seon Duk

For a saguek which has over 50 episodes, Queen Seon Duk (QSD), did really well in terms of story-telling. There are quite a few sagueks which has over 50 episodes, but I think QSD is one of the best amongst those. It started out strong with the younger characters which were really appealing to watch. Though I like the younger casts compared to the older casts, the story was solid in terms of writing. A great villain contributes greatly to a story, and in this case, Mishil the villain of the story, was freaking AWESOME at being EVIL.

There were some strong characters in the drama, one of my favourite being Bidam, who appear much later in the story. He was the son of Mishil, who was abandoned at birth and supported Deok Man (Queen Seon Duk) since he met her. His character was really interesting such that he has Mishil’s blood in him (evil, ruthless), but he contains it within him because of his love for Deok Man.

Iljimae (SBS)

If you like intense, melodrama kind of saguek, then Iljimae it is. I enjoyed watching this because of the suspense they give at each end of the episodes. The soundtracks were great as well. I hated the ending, I swear it was such a rushed ending, but the story itself was pretty good besides the romance part. Like I’ve mentioned, it’s an intense melodrama saguek, so not all would enjoy watching, but those who like it, would enjoy it. Don’t expect a beautiful love story in it though, because I thought the romance part was really lacking in terms of writing.

The Return Of Iljimae (MBC)


It’s entirely different from SBS version of Iljimae so if you’ve watched the SBS version and loved that, you might not like watching this version. Of course, it depends on individual.

This drama takes a different approach on the character Iljimae and the story so it’s really not the same with the SBS version. I like this drama because it has pretty visuals for the story-telling. In terms of intense story-telling or actions, it may not be as intense as the SBS version, but this drama is still worth a look for being artistic. It’s pacing is just nice, combined with beautiful visuals and not over the top melodrama.

Painter Of The Wind

If we’re talking about the most pretty saguek, it’s got to be Painter Of The Wind, which I find astonishingly beautiful and artistic. It has great visuals, strong writing and awesome acting. Moon Geun Young was really FANTASTIC! All the other casts were awesome as well 🙂 I would recommend this to anyone, because there’s really nothing to hate and it’s just AWESOME 🙂

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

If you like high-school drama, or idol dramas, then this is it! Just that it’s set in different eras!

I didn’t like Yoochun in the drama, but he was okay actually. I LOVE Song Joong Ki~~~ and everyone else! This drama is refreshing, cute and just something nice to watch 🙂 It’s like the saguek version of a high school drama, with slightly a little bit more depth.

The Princess’ Man

The most recent saguek, and the most romantic one! This saguek is meant for people who love romance story, because it’s all about the romance!!! I loved this, a lot, a lot!!! I like the intense story-telling, and how complete the whole story is! It’s also another pretty drama, with gorgeous costumes, and beautiful scenery!

So that’s it for this post today!

I’m currently watching Tree With Deep Roots which so far seems promising and good…but whether or not it will be awesome till the end, we have to watch and see.

Till then 🙂

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