If Tomorrow Comes Episode 3: The Worst Timing Ever

Imagine getting dumped just seconds before the event you prepared to propose to your partner. It’s the WORST TIMING EVER.

*Not a recap, just a discussion.

Episode 3 started off with Eun Chae’s mother being angry at her for pulling such a stunt at her wedding anniversary. She forbids Eun Chae from going out, and speak to Young Gyoon separately.

Jung In tells Young Gyoon to stop seeing Eun Chae. Young Gyoon tries to convince Jung In, but Jung In dishes out some harsh words.

Soon Jung calls up Won Sub in the middle of the night and asks him how much longer she has to live like this.

Eun Chae asks Young Gyoon to go on a vacation with her. He agrees.

They took Polaroids and spent the day together. Back at the hotel room, both parties have something to say.

Eun Chae asks Young Gyoon to speak first. She gets excited thinking that it’s something good.

Young Gyoon tells Eun Chae that he will have a hard time forgetting her, and might probably not be able to even till death. He follows by saying that they should stop here and break up. Eun Chae is shocked.

Right after the news, some staffs went inside the room and sang a proposal song, which Eun Chae prepared. WORST TIMING. Young Gyoon looks surprised and realised that he just hurt Eun Chae further.


I do like the drama, but I’m taking my time watching it because I’m watching too many dramas currently and I don’t want   to watch the drama half-heartedly.

The drama has yet to pull me in 100% (like Ojakgyo Brothers), but I can say that I kind of like the direction in which the drama is going for now.

Just some extra thoughts…I think Soon Jung had a son, but it looks like he died or something. There was no specific details, but there’s probably something weird surrounding her and Won Sub, other than their affair.

Anyway, I bet Eun Chae is feeling like crap and so is Young Gyoon.

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