If Tomorrow Comes Episode 4 Discussion

*Not a recap, but a discussion.

ITC (If Tomorrow Comes) Episode 4 continued to show more development for the various characters. I have a rough idea who will be the potential rival of the couple, but I’m still not 100% sure.

Won Sub’s sister pick things up very fast, and she suspects his relationship with Soon Jung, wondering if he is the father to her child.

As for our main couple, after the break-up, neither had a clear mind and is distracted, even at school and work respectively.

Yoon Gyoon reminded of his memories with Eun Chae…so cute.

Young Gyoon was fixing his car, when he saw Eun Chae. There we have, what I suspect will be the future rivals. The female, being Young Gyoon colleague, and the male being Eun Chae’s sunbae (senior).

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