K-Movie Review: Blind

Blind is a thriller crime movie in which the only witness is a blind person (played by Kim Ha Neul). I was looking forward to this when I watched the trailer, but I thought it would be the standard crime fare, but to my surprise it combined some other elements which made the movie a lot more AWESOME and it was a really great movie 🙂

Kim Ha Neul wasn’t born blind. She was actually a cop-in-training. Her younger brother likes to dance and dropped out of school to pursue dancing. Kim Ha Neul was pissed and tried to take him back by force, by handcuffing him.

They started arguing and her brother tried to snatch the keys back from Kim Ha Neul. However, their car got into an accident while trying to avoid hitting another car. The car is dangling and about to drop off the highway bridge (something like that~).

Kim Ha Neul had crashed the front windshield and was actually outside the car.  Her eyes were injured. Her brother, however, was still in the car, handcuffed.

Her brother kept shouting at Kim Ha Neul to get up and help him. Kim Ha Neul couldn’t walk further and was drifting in and out of consciousness. Her brother saw the key, and tried to reach out for it.

He finally gets a hold on the key… But it was too late…the car fell and he shouted “Noona” (sister) as his last words.

All of that happened within the first 5 minutes of the film, and I was sold. HAHA 🙂 It was so sad and it totally sucked me in for the rest of the movie.

Anyway, there were moments with suspense, and there were those which were sad, and some which were touching. It was really a great movie.

If you’re wondering what is Yoo Seung Ho’s role…he is actually the person who saw the murderer. Kim Ha Neul is the one who “witness” the murder, but Yoo Seung Ho is the one who saw the killer (though not at the crime scene).

Catch it anytime soon 🙂

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