If Tomorrow Comes Ep 5 Discussion

Secret’s out. Won Sub’s sister is suspicious of Won Sub’s relationship with Soon Jung, and finally in the end of this episode, she confirms the fact that indeed Won Sub has an affair with Soon Jung.

Unlike what I thought, her child is not dead, but actually living with someone else, and they go visit him once in a while or bring him home.

I like the fact that the drama begins with the leads already in a relationship, and now going through the break-up. It saves us a lot of energy. Most dramas will take time before they break-up and then we start to feel that the drama is slow and dragging. However, it’s smart that the break-up starts early in the drama, thus we have much more tolerance towards the drama.

I’m starting to like Eun Chae’s sunbae as I think he really likes her sincerely. He’s sweet, and such a gentleman…not to mention rich. HAHAHA XDD. Of course, I’m still on Young Gyoon’s boat 🙂

Seeing that Eun Chae is still feeling down, her sunbae took her out for a drink, and even requested someone to play the piano for her. She asks why is he so nice to her and he replies that he’s nice to every girl. She laughs and a thought occurred to her. She realised that her mother must have asked him to take care of her. He tells her that if it’s hard for her, she should just get back together with Young Gyoon so that she won’t regret it in future.

Thinking over what he said, she musters the courage to leave a voice mail to Young Gyoon.

Young Gyoon sister, however, hears the message and sends a message to Eun Chae as Young Gyoon. She tells her that if he calls her or wants to get back together in future, she should reject him coldly, as that’s what he’s going to do. Eun Chae is heartbroken.

Won Sub’s sister made a surprise visit to Soon Jung’s house. While getting a drink for her, Soon Jung phone rings and she rushes to pick it up, but Won Sub’s sister picked it up. She hears that the voice on the other side is her brothers and is shocked.


I’m still not totally a 100% in this drama’s boat yet, but I can safely say that it’s going good for me. Anyway, I just hate Jung In and Won Sub for their characters. HAHA XDD. Their characters are so annoying~~~ Jung In is so money-minded and overbearing while Won Sub is trying to get his cake and eat it too…

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