Sorry for breaking my promise about uploading some posts but in the end no posts were updated.

Hah! Anyway, I’m back with my first impressions of the first two episodes of Wild Romance. 

One word to describe it?


Seriously. It’s funny and wacky, everything a romantic comedy should be. However, the storyline is not exactly VERY interesting. I’m not so sure about the storyline yet, but it is basically is about baseball & the loveline of the leads, right?

Let’s see…

In the first two episodes, we see that the bodyguard is an anti-fan of the male lead, but ends up being his “bodyguard” (bodyguard for ‘show’ to shut up the media). However, someone is really plotting to kill/ hurt him so the manage tells the female bodyguard that they now are in need of a real bodyguard.

That storyline put aside, we also have the loveline of the two leads which haven’t started yet. They are now constantly at odds with each other, which is the hilarious part of the show. Lee Dong Wook is meeting his baseball hyung’s wife secretly, but we have yet to find out their relationship with each other. Lee Si Young, however suspects that he is having a secret affair with that girl.

Okay, complicating matters aside.

I love the comedy, but I’m not sure how far it will bring me. As of now, the winning point of the show is the bickering of the two leads. The storyline didn’t pull me in yet. Very common, comedy dramas tend to flicker towards the end, and loses the laugh it once had. I hope that this will be one of those which wouldn’t succumb to those circumstances.

Anyway, happy watching 🙂


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