Dream High 2: Impressions & Reviews

Have you guys watch Dream High Season 2? Well, if you have not & is still considering, here are some reasons why you should…

I’ve watched the first season and I loved it, even though the first few episodes kind of irritated me. At least this season, they didn’t made me wait for 4 episodes before the lead character get some screen time. (Maybe because the lead are idols, excluding So Ra?). I still could not forgive them in season one for making Kim Soo Hyun appear so late!

Anyway, one thing for sure…the acting is not as bad as I thought it would be. As the drama mainly cast idols or rookies, I was reluctant at first, but so far so good 🙂 I even found one rookie very eye-catching. Will let you know later!

Just in the first two episodes, we have conflicts, fights and even dance show-offs.

They actually brought in some real situation into screen, like idols not attending school, how some people look at idols as inspiration while others think they just can’t really dance or sing. It’s interesting because it’s real, and it’s fun 🙂

Most importantly, I think there is some great characterization 🙂 We have some pretty strong characters for a start, and I like it~~!!!

Firstly, we have Kang So Ra, who is the leading lady. She wants to be a singer and has been to many auditions but failed. Her father is a pastor. She has a strong personality from what I see, and is a fan of duo ‘Eden’, which is made up of two other main characters. She’s funny & because she IS an actress, she brought out her role pretty nicely 🙂

Secondly, we have Jinwoon, who is our male lead (my cutie 🙂 ). He is full of confidence, which can sometimes come across as arrogant with others. He wants to do rock music, with his own style. He has something against idols and will say out harsh criticism against them. Looks like he has the talent, but somehow, he’s gotten nowhere.

We also have JB, who is a rookie. He’s one of the duo in ‘Eden’ and is a popular idol. In this picture, he was auditioning beside Jinwoon, in the past, where he kind of messed up, opposite the confident Jinwoon. However, the present JB is nothing like that. He’s arrogant and gets into conflict with Jinwoon. However, it feels like deep down, he knows that Jinwoon may just be better than him.

Lastly, we have Park Seo Joon who forms the other duo of ‘Eden’. He is always late and goes missing. He gives the impression that he is a playboy. Right now, besides Jinwoon, I’m really curious about his character. He is pretty much a nice guy, but many don’t think so. He might just turn to the dark side, which will be interesting to watch. He is also the rookie I mentioned, who was eye-catching. He’s cute, plus he has something about him which shouts, “LOOK AT ME!”.

I’m not going to mention Jiyeon & Hyorin’s character, because there isn’t much about them yet for now. The mystery and story right now focuses on these characters and I’m loving every bit of it.

Bring it on 🙂

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