Wild Romance Mid-Report Review

Are you guys watching or considering “Wild Romance”?

Anyway, I’ve been watching it and I just thought of giving a mid-report review on the drama.

It funny and wacky. Honestly, I don’t think there is much story or that the story-line is interesting, but the comedy is good. Lee Si Young is hilarious and Lee Dong Wook is cute himself. Their constant bickering is the winning point of the drama!

I don’t quite buy the story where someone is trying to kill Lee Dong Wook, because it’s pretty dry (or lame?). It’s nothing very interesting to me, and the way they approached that topic is just so…errrr.

I like the bromance between Dong Wook and his hyung, and how his ‘hyung’ actually fall from grace.

Basically, the story part of the drama is nothing to brag about, but the comedy is good and it is the thing which keeps me watching every episode the moment it comes out.

I can’t wait for Lee Dong Wook to fall for Si Young because it’s unfair that she likes him one-sided-ly. Eventhough we don’t have much of a story, at least we could have a cute romance as well, at a faster pace?

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