Dream High 2: Reviewing Thoughts & Impressions

When I watched the first two episodes, I thought it was going to be a good start of a great youth-drama, so I started recommending it. Now, I’m just left with 3 episodes before I finish the entire series, and I just have to say I’m pretty disappointed with the drama.

There were so many things it could have been – but it didn’t, and ended up being a disappointment. The first season wasn’t excellent either – but it was good, not awesome, but good. This sequel should have at least be of the same standard, if not better.

I guess too bad.

Here are some of the things I thought could have been better…

Poor Story Plot

I don’t get the story, seriously. It’s just a bunch of B-class students & some idols being in the same school and somehow getting all tangled together. There’s no solid story plot at all. In season 1, we had students who dream to be a star and the story plot moves on in that direction. In this season however, we have something similar (students to be part of a super idol group), but the story has too many sub-plots which doesn’t really help move the story to that direction.

There were many potential areas though. They could have created more conflict or tension between Yoojin & JB – something that will drive them to aim for success. They could have created more complex conflict between JB & Rian, or JB and Siwoo. There were just so many areas that they could have created a great story – but all of those didn’t happen and just left me disappointed.

Messy Romance-lines

In season 1, Main & Leading Male actor Kim Soo Hyun only appeared in episode 3 or 4. (That pissed me off so much previously!) In that season also, Taecyeon sometimes had more scenes as well. It didn’t make sense as a viewer point of view or a writer to be exact. How can your secondary character have more screen-time or attention than your lead actor?! It doesn’t even make sense for a lead actor to appear only in episode 3 or 4, when all the secondary characters are all introduced.

That’s season 1.

In this season, we have everyone on-board in the first episode…but…why in the world is the male lead, not getting the girl or doing anything much to get the girl?! It’s ridiculous that their love-line was just starting, but it somehow got changed – very confusing – and she ended up having a love-line with the 2nd male lead instead. The love-line is cute, I admit, but it still makes no sense to me, as a viewer or a writer. It’s some messy writing and the love-lines are really the limit – it’s so annoying to the max. If you want me to ship the main lady & the 2nd male lead couple, you should at least create some competition with the male lead. There’s no fun or story if there is no conflict.

So that’s just my thoughts about this season of Dream High 2. It doesn’t mean that the whole story is not good. It’s just average. The first few episodes were pretty good but it’s sad that it didn’t maintain that way throughout. Well, I didn’t regret watching it – there were good songs, and there are new budding actors I can look forward to their next project – like JB and Park Seo Joon (Siwoo).

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