Queen In Hyun’s Man: The consequences of time travel

As I’ve mentioned, QIHM is currently one of my favorite dramas airing right now. It has a great balance and after finishing watching Episode 9, I’m convinced that the drama will continue to be just as good throughout.

QIHM really managed to fill up all the gaps, or you might say flaws in a time-travelling drama. RTP showed us a great deal of gaps/ flaws, and that left me disappointed. I didn’t expect QIHM to be this good, and I’m pleasantly surprised.

Let’s see.

It moves back & forth – history & present day. It’s a great thing, because we get to see what happens in each ‘time zone’ and not left wondering. But the main thing I like is the effects or after-effects of the time travel.


In an earlier episode, Kim Boong Go traveled to the present and read about his fate in the library. He realized that he was going to die. However, he went back to his time, and changed his fate. The interesting part is when Hee Jin comes to work the next day (in present time) and realized that the script changed. However, the script didn’t really change. It’s more like the present-time changed. Only Hee Jin & Kim Boong Go realized this fact, that other than them, no one else will realise the changes.

In episode 9, Kim Boong Go was injured & lost his talisman. As a result, he lost his memory. Hee Jin gets into a car accident and woke up feeling confused. All the things she experienced are not remembered by anyone else, and in addiction, she remembers all the things which she never really did.

It’s difficult to put it in words, but it was really interesting.

I think the writer did an awesome job in writing & researching all the relevant topics or areas.

Anyway, I still would recommend this to anyone 🙂

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One thought on “Queen In Hyun’s Man: The consequences of time travel

  1. Nice review. I just noticed that episode two where the assasin was able to time travel as well doesn’t make sense at all. KBG should be the only one who can time travel since the paper (talisman) will only save him and yet the assasin was killed in front of Yoo In Na.

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