Final review: BIG

So Hong Sister’s drama, BIG, ended it’s run already and what do you guys think of it…? There are many complains about the ending >.< I personally….hated the ending as well. Okay…maybe not hate…just not satisfied.

Let’s start off simple. I liked BIG. Maybe a little more than like…it’s Love. Heh 🙂

The drama goes beyond the recent norms, and it’s expectantly good. The on-screen couple have awesome chemistry and the sweetness than comes along is more than words could describe.

Maybe that’s the reason why behind the big disappointment behind it’s ending for almost all viewers.

They created suspense & curiousness within all of us viewers, and we watched all the way till the end, only to be greeted with an ending, which gives us more questions compared to answers and a proper closure.

All along, I’ve been wondering what will happen once they switch back? Once Kyung Joon wakes up in his own body? Her parents acceptance? His parents acceptance? Yoon Jae’s acceptance? There were way too many questions, but the ending was really not helping at all.

Okay. Maybe it wasn’t really that BAD.

If we look at it simply, they did ended up together. However, they ended up together after a long time period, once Kyung Joon is all grown up. I didn’t remember if they stated the time period. Oh well, but I know there’s there’s a time jump.

What makes us so disappointed was that they used Gong Yoo’s body as Kyung  Joon till the end. It was really unnecessary. We’ve seen so much cute and we really want to see Kyung Joon in Kyung Joon’s body with Gil Da Ran.

The body thing put aside.

They didn’t even tell us that Gong Yoo’s character was not even a supporting character. I mean, Gong Yoo is the main actor, but his character is not the main character. The male character is Kyung Joon. We thought that his character will someday wake up and create some competition, but till the end, his character was only minor.

Anyway, the drama is still an awesome one. I’ll just take this drama as a rom-com between two people. It’s a love story between two people. I shall not take into consideration the other characters because they are ALL side characters which doesn’t really play such a big part.

So. I’d still say you should give this drama a try. It’s really cute & lovely. Just dismiss the ending.

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