[DRAMA 2012] Golden Time : Thoughts & Impression

‘Golden Time’ has been airing for quite some time already, and it’s ending it’s run soon. I’ve been watching it every week, but I was just to busy to share my thoughts & impressions on all the dramas I’m catching. Since I’m free today, I shall share some thoughts about it.

Golden Time is a medical-themed drama, without those heavy politics which we usually see in most medical dramas. It is less dramatic, and not filled with suspense. It’s actually very easy to watch.

While most medical dramas focus on the politics among professors, Golden Time, focuses on trying to save their patients. They have little amount of politics involved, but the main storyline revolves around two interns who slowly learn, with the help of the long-time trauma surgeon.

Personally, I actually like the drama a lot. It gives sort of a Japanese drama-vibe. You know, if you want to catch a medical drama, one without those dramatic politic fights and something light-hearted, this is it.


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