I’ve only watch 2 episodes so far. Watching the rest soon. First impression? Cool. King of Dramas is about drama production. There’s only a handful of dramas doing about drama production – because such dramas are maybe difficult to do? Or the production company is unwilling to do a drama dissing about themselves. HAHA. Either ways.

I’ve watched “On Air” which is also about drama production. I liked that a lot. There, we had a bitchy top star, a corrupted top company, a popular script writer, a newbie director and a rejected manager. HAHA.

King of Dramas offers a top producer who fallen from grace from his greed which eventually caused a death. He asks for help from an ex-assistant scriptwriter, who he had also caused her career earlier. I haven’t seen Choi Siwon’s character yet, but I think he’s playing a top star/actor who has a weird personality. If I’m not wrong.

Anyway, I like the pace of the story so far, and I hope it continues this way. Let’s hope this drama has good things in store for us.

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