I liked it. I’m not so sure about it now, but I did like it.

The title is Great Seer. Yeah – I wish if the drama could just focus. There’s so many things going on in the drama, viewers may be left with confusion. They might not even be interested in how Ji Sung rose to become the Great Seer and instead root for Ji Jin Hee to steal the throne.

And I’m really disappointed at how they handled the love-line. It’s like “BAM-I LOVE YOU”. What happened to little clues, or little gestures which makes viewers heart flutters? And wasn’t he still in love with his first love?

I always thought Hae-In had a little feelings for the other guy and that Ji Sung was just joking around with her at first.

That being said, I do hope that the drama starts to focus and quicken the pace.

Oh and I heard that some problems with the drama due to money. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect the drama!!!

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2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] THE GREAT SEER

  1. I wanted to like this drama… The writing in this was terrible . people don’t behave the way these did totally stupid. They drag the storyline out .characters could’ve revealed more when he had the opportunity…. There was a scene in this drama When the mother could reveal to the son that she was his mother …just spent five minutes saying you you you … spent five minutes with him face-to-face and she didn’t tell him that she was his mother how stupid

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